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    Hey everyone. The reason I put the question mark is the last site like this I joined was 100% a ghost town. So, I thought I would see what was what here. I like to roller blade and never get bored of playing on my computer. What I am hoping to get here is basically just some people who are like me. (Can you tell I used the cheat sheet?)

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    Hi there. ADISC is an active site, so there's always something to read and/or comment on. Enjoy your stay!

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    Hello, I would love to know more about you and what brought here to ADISC

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    What brought me here was just wanting to find a community. I don't know anyone who shares this, so the internet seemed a good place to start.

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    Hello! Welcome! No ghost town here. We are so glad to have you. Got to run though I am on my 10 minute break from work.

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    Absolutely no Ghost Town here. What you will find are a warm, approachable and accepting group of people. This is a real support group, one that has helped my confidence in who I am and made me feel welcome.

    I see that you list yourself as a Sissy/LG, can you let us know a little bit about your persona and what you want while you are here? My Sissy/LG persona is quite pink and frilly, just pre-teen and loves Katy Perry... I'm also a DL which is 90% of who I am but the Sissy/Little will just not be denied! (Show me the pretty dresses and ponies!)


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    What I want from this is just friends. Someone I can rp with from time to time, but never anything irl. As for my little, I don't really know. Not a lot of experience yet.

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    Well, you are very welcome.

    Hunt around the forums and get a feel for the place. Jump in when you feel ready.


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    No problem, you've probably figured out that we are a good bunch.

    Have you looked at the roleplay forum yet?

    Not only that but there is live chat as well.

    How do you characterize your little persona?


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