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Thread: hello my name is andrew

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    Default hello my name is andrew

    hi my name is andrew im a 21 year old ab locking to find a mommy someday im happy to chat i work as a firefighter and a bartender

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    Welcome Baby Andy! So glad to have you. It will be great getting to know you.

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    Welcome my friend! Hope you have an excellent day and we can get to kow you better!

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    Welcome! Er... maybe you could tell us a bit about yourself? What other interests do you have? I, for example, like to write and draw. What about you? Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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    As a reminder, ADISC is not a dating site or otherwise intended to help you find a mommy or a similar relationship. You might want to check out the rules to further acquaint yourself with our community, which may be found here

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    Hi Baby andi !!! and welcome!!!! your not the only one looking for a mommy!!!! Im sure you will enjoy ADISC as much as I do!!! Stay safe as a FF lost a few friends in the midwest cant lose anymore!!!

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    Welcome to the community. As KimbaStarshine said, watch out for the rules, they are here to make sure that ADISC is a safe place.

    Aside from that, welcome! What do you want from the site while you are here? Also when you are not fighting fires or working in a bar, how do you kick back and relax? tinnies by the barbie?

    (Sorry - I'm a Pom...)


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    thanks everybody now a little bit more information about me on my days of which are few and fare between i enjoy cooking swimming gardening walking and bush waking
    i also do enjoy have people over for bbq's and im also studding in my diploma of hospitality
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