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Thread: I love my Abri-Form X-Plus L4's

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    Default I love my Abri-Form X-Plus L4's


    Just sitting here and wanted to thank Abena for making such a superior product the Abena Abri Form X-Plus L-4's Since becoming totally bladder incontinent due to many prostate infections and bladder infections for the past 15 years. I buy mine from Gary at XP Medical he and his staff are top notch suppliers and provide excellent customer service each and every time. I did have to wear depends fitted briefs the good old green 6 tapes overnight absorbency ones when I was in middle and high school due to having many day time accidents and wetting the bed many many times I hated them I was so embarrased having to wear them. finally went dry for my senior year thankfully. however that was short lived when I went off to college I started having prostate infections and UTI's as well and after the fourth set of infections, I was in a 2 hour class and professor was a jerk did not let his students leave the class at all, I had not noticed that I wet my pants till it was WAY too late I had to sit there for 15 minutes till the end of class and then I had to run back to my dorm room and change my pants and shower then I was told by professor no more accidents in class or I get kicked out of the class. I went to University Doctor and since I have some medicine allergies medicine is out of the question so he said you will need to get diapers to wear to class. So I took my green back pack down to the CVS and bought more of the old Good Depends until they made the switch to white backing then the quality went south so i searched and searched and found Abri Form X Plus at a local hospital supply store I bought them. fast forward to today as I sit here years afterwards in a diaper and Abena please I emplore you dont change a thing please maybe a elastic waist band in front would be nice. I have tried the Dry 24-7's since they made them thinner I am back to the Abena Abri Form X-Plus L-4's for as long as Abena can make them. I usually go thru 2-3 a day. I only wish some people can be more understanding of us incontinent people we have some inconsiderate people out there who laugh when they see your diaper outline in your pants. I have met a few who are so kind and understanding we have been friends ever since. I only wish Airports and bus and train stations would have adult diaper vending machines in the bathroom of men and women as well. thank you for reading this and please post your good thoughts if you wish and your bad ones if you must.

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    Yeah X-Plus is a great diaper and XP Medical is a great place to order from if you are in the US.


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