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    They seem similar to xpmedical.coms booster. If they are, I have tried them and they rock for dl play, but may not wick to the back to your liking if one is IC. Try em!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrabulk View Post
    They seem similar to xpmedical.coms booster.
    They are the xpmedical-boosters, as far as I know. But they sure are expensive. I've tried the Seni V once, but they didn't work that great, because they covered the leak-guards of the diaper and made them useless.

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    They work great I have a couple from They are soft and can hold quite a bit. Plus they will make the diaper thicker too.

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    I tried the XL once, I should have gone 2XL because it didn't quite go long enough and part of the wings were in between the legs.

    That being said part of my issue with them is they seemed to not let liquid pass through / retained surface wetness. In contrast Quadros (claim) to let it pass through to be absorbed by the underlying diaper and in general they've seem to minimize surface wetness.

    I imagine my length issues would be solved by the larger size but does it still retain surface wetness at 2XL?

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    I have used the XL ones from XP medical on superio large and tena slip maxi mediums. They just barely are able to fit in them without making the leak guards useless. I couldn't imagine any that are bigger like the 2XL ones, though I assume they might be similar in size to the ATN ones. What's funny is the ATN ones pretty much can't fit properly even in an ATN without causing issues. I still just use the abri-let normal ones as its easier to keep in a diaper and if need be put two in there. For bulk though, the XL ones are almost like putting a second diaper on. I almost think they are made for those who have XL size diapers, would make much more sense and probably would be less of a fit issue.

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