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Thread: Grocery Store Embarrassment (Buying Diapers) Story

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    Default Grocery Store Embarrassment (Buying Diapers) Story

    So today, I went to the grocery store to buy some diapers. I'm kinda small so Goodnites are the best fit for me. I bought some Pull-Ups today too to try them out. I also bought some wipes and a Hello Kitty coloring book. So, I go up to the register, and the lady says "Looks like someone is going to have fun this weekend." So then, I'm experiencing that momentary panic of "Oh crap. Oh crap. She knows doesn't she? She knows."

    I assume she was referring to the Hello Kitty coloring book, but she was saying this as she was ringing up *all* of my purchases! I was mortified and mumbled, "Yeah, my cousin's in town..." I'm in my 20s, but look around 16. I think most people just assume I'm a teen mom. I don't buy often but when I do, good LORD.

    Honestly it could have been worse, but I still felt embarrassed...

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    There are many ways to lie to cashiers. 1st if it was only her that spotted you then it's nothing to worry about except yeah I hope you don't mean me. Try diverting to another person in your household that she doesn't know. 2nd there is another method on not being caught like express lines that you scan yourself unless you don't have those around. I wouldn't wory about it it's not like she will remember your face. We all had embarrassing moments from here on in but if it's something that small you have no worries she will definitely forget your face soon...

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    Thank you. :3 This made me feel a lot better.

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    Im so shy!!!! but when i have a need!! I am on a mission I shop in a small area and its so easy to run into someone you know!!! but when i need diapers i need them!!! half the time i see someone i know and walk away only to go back and grab them later !! its such a great felling when i have them and out of the store!!!!when someone i know is there i go to the pacifier section i am such an addict for different ones and pass the time there Im always looking for new nuk 18m ones different from my other 100 of other ones . I have used im buying for my sister or buying for a baby shower etc. and actully walked out not buying and so dissapointed. someday i would love to say for me but i dont think people are ready for that!!!

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    I had an embarrassing experience once buying baby diapers, a bottle, a sippy cup, and a few other items at a Walmart self-checkout. The sippy cup wouldn't scan, and an employee had to fix the machine twice and look in the bag I'd filled twice as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petitewhimsy View Post
    So, I go up to the register, and the lady says "Looks like someone is going to have fun this weekend."
    I think she was referring to the pull-ups and potty training. She probably thought the coloring book was a reward for it.

    I've always been able to get through lines without questions even when I'm buying everything for a binge. My greater concern is that I buy from stores that other people I know shop at, and I hope I don't run into anybody . But as for cashiers, I figured that I would say my mom or relatives in town sent me, or it's for my brother.

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    Done that plenty of times! Fortunately I live in a metro north type area, so I can drive to ten different grocery stores within ten minutes of my home, and I can bounce around. As a former cashier, I can attest that sometimes I ponder what people buy, but otherwise its none of my business, and people buy weird thins and well, we really just don't care after 2-4 hours of ringing up groceries.

    I also happen to look like I'm in my teens, so I pull the baby sitter or younger brother card when needed. Though 90% of the time, no one's asked, nor batted an eye.

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    Most likely she was just making friendly small talk. A young lady buying diapers and baby stuff? - Probably a mother or baby sitter. Only a diaper lover would make the wishful assumption that you were buying those things for yourself. Next time you go through the checkout go through like you own the place.

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    Where I live cashiers don't really talk to you. They are all "professional" and stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by polarbearin6thgear View Post
    Where I live cashiers don't really talk to you. They are all "professional" and stuff.
    I'd scare most people off by you then. I don't cash often (I work higher up in the world of grocery now) but when I do...I don't shut up. Ever.

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