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Thread: Wetting All of a Diaper

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    Default Wetting All of a Diaper

    I've noticed that when I remove a used diaper, only the front half is actually wet. Is there an easy way (as a female) to aim my pee towards the back and get more usage out of each diaper? When I wet, I'm usually down on my knees on my bed, or standing up. I find going in a squatting position can be hard. Or is the best way just to move the diaper forward? (I usually wear baby diapers placed inside my underwear.)

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    Can you wet lying down ? I manage to do a whole diaper but I do have a moveable delivery system lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by parcelboy2 View Post
    Can you wet lying down ? I manage to do a whole diaper but I do have a moveable delivery system lol
    The last time I did (which I think was also the first time I managed to do so), I leaked a bit

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    Umm idk from my point of view. You can maybe try while on your knee's maybe it rivers down or you can curl your legs towards your front. There is also moving your diaper around.

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    I think different positions are probably the way to go here. I'm a guy, but I know that when I set standing, I tend to wet the front-middle of my diaper. While seated, I tend to wet closer to my bottom. On the rare occasions I've wet lying down, I tend to go towards the back more. So if you can wet in multiple positions, you're probably good. I'm not sure how you'd wet the front of your diaper as a girl; maybe lying on your tummy?

    That said, if you have baby diapers, shifting them around is probably a good idea. You'll get more use out of them.

    In university I once decided to try and wet an entire diaper, front to back, while studying for exams. Drinking lots of water was my main strategy. I got pretty close but think I leaked a bit careful!

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    for me a man by nature I have had no luck in bed always leak sideways my plactic pants save me but half the diaper like new!!! i only max my diaper sitting at computer after 2nd and 3rd wetting i lift a little and pee a little at a time to maximize absorbancy thats only way I max out!!!

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    I find I have to move a bit. If I'm thickly diapered, I might wet once standing or sitting, once leaning forward, and once leaning back. I find it hard to really make use of the padding in back before I leak from the middle though, it's also kind of hard to wet slowly enough that it doesn't run out the back when I'm leaning or laying down.

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    I also happen to be female, and I've had luck with the laying on my back pattern. You have to make sure the diaper fits properly, especially around the legs for this to work. Plastic pants are not necessary, but if you've had trouble with leaks and that brand, it's not a bad idea. Otherwise I have come to terms that women are more likely to leave the back completely dry/empty.

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    I wet lying on my back a lot so I pick a diaper that can handle it. It still can take several wettings . . . like all night to reach the very back. That is because of all the sap that absorbs it before it can run that far. I prefer wetting on my tummy, but I would probably leak if I did that all night. With a baby diaper insert I usually max it out pretty fast. It swells huge and I could not get another drop in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    The last time I did (which I think was also the first time I managed to do so), I leaked a bit
    I'm a guy, but I do have two general suggestions that might help on this front. One, try to avoid flooding when lying on your back. If the pee needs to run down a bit and you pee a whole lot at once, it can gather around the legs and leak, but if you go a bit at a time, the diaper will have time to absorb. Two, consider wearing some pajama pants, or a onesie if you've got one (I don't, but I've heard good things skimming around this forum). A very wet diaper starts to sag, so something else that can support will help keep a snug leg seal longer.

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