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    I'm searching for help on the best trouser to hide wearing. Is anyone able to suggest the best trousers in the UK?


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    Hello cbboyuk and welcome to the group.

    I am sorry that I have no answer to your questions, but could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    In my case, a looser longer shirt does the hiding. Maternity clothes are so comfortable.

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    aaaaah if only i could get away with maternity clothes but hey im a lil boy so maybe not lol uhm i normally go for a stanard fit pair of jeans but go up one waist size so if your normally a 32" waist get the 34" pair and then go with a slightly longer shirt to help cover it up. hope that helps

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    Hi I am 69 years old and live just outside Southend -on-Sea Essex GB, my main interests are visiting old ww11 airfields in Norfolk and Suffolk, as my father was a WO in the RAF he was a armourer and served both with Spitfires and hurricanes and Bombers, he taught men how to load and rearm aircraft quickly, my father was once mentioned in a book about the RAF in the WW11 it was called "They who also served" not one pilot in the book just the irks as they were called, one officer said without the irks we wouldnt have got any medals. I also enjoy going to Bus and Coach rallies and visiting old railway lines, that were saved by enthusiasts,I also enjoy my family I have six grandchildren and visit them all regularly, we all went on a boat cruise on the Norfolk Broads in a six cabin boat it was enormous but we enjoyed it even, pulling out stupid cocker spaniel out of the rivers after he chased ducks, never caught any.thank god, we live in a small bungalow and relax, I am going tinto hospital in a weeks time for pacemaker to be fitted, I have had at least five heart attacks, I hope it will allow me to carry on with my hobbies.
    I suffer from Nocturnal Enuresis (Bed Wetting) for all of my life so far, plus four years ago after under going a nine hour operation to have a triple heart bypass, they damaged my bladder by taking out a internal catheter in correctly, they took a lump off the valve piece, making me dribble for most of time, they were good about it, and gave me compensation but that isnt everything, I thought it would ruin my life, becuase they couldnt do anything for me, they fitted me with a external devise that leaked more than my bladder, then they decided that as I already wore pants and pads to bed everynight, I could wear them during the day, so now wear a pair of rubber pants and a nappy pad 24/7, I havent let it ruin my life, I just get on with it, its a must really, I didnt want to see a head doctor, unless he was going to wear my pants and pads themselves.
    I get all my pads and pants for free from the NHS continence service, it as in my mind saved me thousands of pounds on pants and pads alone, and they are always there to give advice, what more could you want.
    I drove a Red Double Deck Bus in Central London for just over thirty years, and put up with some very stressful things passengers, car drivers white van man, and braindead cyclists to quote afew things.
    When I was training my driving instructor said that 99.9% of passengers were ok, but watch out for the dreaded 1% the kinky ones in the herd who want to things differently from everybody else, and they are always right no matter what, they will even start a near riot on the bus and then get off and leave the bus.
    In my teens I had several affairs with men, and if I must say I enjoyed the time I spent with different men, but then a move to London, changed me completely, and I went out with women, and enjoyed it, I have been married now for over 46 years, so there isnt any turn round, or perhaps mixing my marriage with men, no thanks been there had the T shirt.
    I enjoy a good old chat so if anybody wants to contact me, then I am up for it.

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    Loose fitting track suit bottoms will hide even a thick diaper

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