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    I remember when I was a kid, we were all into the SNES, Genesis and the N64 that barely came out on the markets...they formed me as a kid and I considered myself a skillful gamer back then because I could adapt almost to any game...those were simple, more demanding games that required a lot of thinking and practice to beat it.

    Modern games however, started to make me rethink my love for videogames because games looked a lot prettier and the sound effects/voice actors had even more quality...but most of the games nowadays are rather easy to complete even in their hardest difficulty. I'd quit gaming almost permanently and now I play pretty much occasionally but rarely beat a game because I get bored.

    Am I the only one feeling like this?

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    I think there's a few factors in play there. For one thing, you're much more experienced now than you were then; experience counts for quite a bit. Another is the desire to allow new gamers to get into game. If developers set the difficulty based on players who've been at this for decades, new players would be horribly overwhelmed with complexity and difficulty. Finally, games have become less restrictive to the point where there is more than one solution to any challenge; it's not longer a matter of finding and mastering the ONLY solution, but finding the one that works best for you as a player and using that.

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    Hum, unless you're only looking at the AAA. there is so many choice nowadays that it's hard not to find something to accommodate your tastes.

    For examplen if you miss ghost'n'ghouls, altered beast, shinobi, why not try Rogue Legacy or Volgarr ? =)

    The fighting games are still here (KoF, SF, Blazblue), the competitive scene has never been so active (at leasr for fighting games, fps, RTS, sports games and moba).
    And it's now really easy to play with someone online rather than having to beat your 4 years old little brother and all your friends once again on GoldenEye. (seriously, those were always pretty one-sided for the one owning the game versus the others). So, I never saw anything missing.

    Honestly, I don't think games are getting easier, you just have a higher expectations than when you were younger. Also, it highly depends on the game you like and the reason behind it.
    For example, I love the "die and retry" games. Because it reminds me of the old days and there is still a ton of them. (don't starve, FTL, etc.)

    Also, some ancient games are often pretty overrated, a difficult game is not necessarily a good game. Sometimes, it was seen by developers as a way to virtually increase its lifespan (like achievements today). Also, some of them were difficult because they were originally port of classic arcade games (like windjammers, golden axe, etc.)

    There is good to take from ancient and modern gaming. That's not "one versus the other". You just need to know where to look.

    Tell us what kind of games you used to like and we might help you to go through the wonderful world of modern gaming

    Also, some ancient games are getting a lifting, a reboot or a HD-remix. Damn, even shufflepuck café is getting its reboot xD

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    I agree with Traemo here. You have grown so things became easier for you in games. This is why gamers go for online or competitive play. There is nothing more difficult than playing against another person than an AI computer.Yes there can be A LOT of toxic people out there on every online or competitive game but it's the price we put up for that gameplay.

    If online play isn't something you like you can always go for achievement hunting. I know that there are quite a bit of achievements that aren't easy to achieve in games.

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