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Thread: Lied to someone

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    Default Lied to someone

    I told my friend I use my diapers because I wet the bed, but I don't. He takes me to the store to buy them sometimes when we're out doing things. Am I a horrible person for lying?

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    No. It's really none of his business. Now, depending on how close you are to your friend and how open minded he is, you might tell the truth some day.

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    No, you're not horrible, silly! A little white lie like that won't hurt anything, and I think you'll be fine! Just... Don't start something if you don't have the courage to face him if he finds out, m'kay?

    P.S. I like your pic!

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    Thank you so much, you don't even know how much you helped me just now. I've been having extreme anxiety attacks today because of it. I may end up telling him sometime.

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    Thank you ^^ and thanks for the re-assurance. Learned my lesson after this. Haha

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    Whenever you do tell him, good luck! I hope he's accepting and open-minded about it!

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    No, you are not. It is not his business why you wear them for.

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    Hahaha, I like your picture, too, Jazz! That was kinda off topic, huh? Glad to see more people share our opinion!

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    I don't think you have done anything wrong.You're not obliged to justify to anybody what you wear under your trousers.He sounds like a really nice friend though as he's buying them with you and supporting you, so don't tell him it's none of his business if you do decide to tell him.Just say you're really sorry, but I didn't know what else to say to you.That's what I think anyhow.

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    It can be hard to tell someone but I have confidence in ya! I believe in all members here that one day they tell their friends otherwise you are making the right choice because it's none of his business (for the time being)

    p.s. Brony 4 life

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    Haha, I love it here. So many similar people. People who won't judge each other. *cough*like your friend*cough*

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