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Thread: who's going to Anthrocon? :3

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    Default who's going to Anthrocon? :3

    Is it Anthrocon yet?

    I know it's over a month away but oh meh gosh I'm sooooooooo excited!!!! <3
    This will be my first ever AC and I wanna meet as many cubs as I can!!! <3 <3 <3

    anyone know if there will be a cub lunch or a meet or something?

    ~ Shido

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    Yea! im going, normally there is some kind of cub hub where cubs can hang out. But have not heard of any yet.

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    Have plans of heading down that way myself. While not my first furcon it is my first AC and I am very nervous and apprehensive about it. Hopefully it will be like all the other cons I've been to and it will be a load of fun. With luck, I'd like to meet up with some fellow cubs and such.

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    I only live maybe about 30 miles away, but I never make it. I still won't be there this year. Maybe some other time.

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