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Thread: Artist and Gamer Stopping In

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    Red face Artist and Gamer Stopping In

    I'm Melody, as many call me anyways. I'm a college graduate working my way up into a full adult life...most of the time anyways. I build websites and illustrate in my free time, and I'd love a career in that direction.

    I stumbled upon ADISC from searching my own interests on Fetlife, among other places. When I looked up resources on google for this newfound interest, many links led me here. I happen to be a diaper lover that likes to wear as a form of relaxation. I don't regress, if I did, I would be an incontinent teen. On that same line, diapers are not a form of sexual gratification in any form. Just relaxing.

    Outside of that, I like to illustrate and do live streams at night. Some with more adult content than others. I love video games, especially Zelda, World of Warcraft, and The Sims. I do some writing on the side, more for amusement than profit, and I'm not an outdoorsy girl. I'm much happier inside. I built my own desktop computer, and own very many up to date gadgets, including a smartphone, touch-screen laptop, and a VERY expensive drawing tablet.

    I have a tendency to just troll about in forum sites like this. I'm a reader more than a talker, though if I get in the right conversation, I may go far far too long.

    It'll be nice to see everyone out here and see what happens!

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    You come to the right community! Welcome to ADISC from a fellow pokemon. Nice introduction and speech! We hope you stay long. Please enjoy your stay buddy!

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    Artist? That's awesome! With art and writing and games, I think you'll really fit in with a lot of the people here! I always lived writing, and I love reading even more, so I hope we can trade work sometime!
    Enjoy your stay!

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    Thank you for the wonderful welcomes! I think I'm going to like it around here!

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    Welcome Melody!

    Glad you finally joined the best site available for DL relaxation and support. ADIDC is the best!

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    Hi and welcome. That was a very nice introduction.

    Feel free to explore the forums and ask questions if need be. Enjoy your stay!

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    You are really most welcome! I too find Diapers relaxing.

    What style is your art? Who are your main influences?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SissyDLE View Post

    You are really most welcome! I too find Diapers relaxing.

    What style is your art? Who are your main influences?

    My art is is the same style as my profile/avatar (drawn by yours truely in fact). I'm an anime-styled artist, though I've been branching off into a bit of hentai, because of both the possibility of money, and since the figures are nude, it gives a chance to learn perspective as well as bones and muscle masses.

    I can draw buildings and the like in perspective, and if given the time I love drawing cities and parks like that, though...I've let it go by the wayside for my anime character art.

    It all started when I started watching Sailor Moon and playing Zelda about....15 some odd years ago. And that's been history ever since

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    Perhaps draw the anime characters in a city or park?

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    Hey, welcome aboard You sound really awesome, though I'm not much one for WoW (any TES but skyrim :P)
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here and stick around

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