Hello everybody. I checked for a post like this and it's been dead for 5 years. Time to open a new one.

Thsi thread is to post books that you find good and interest us. Or to promote books YOU'VE written or someone close to you has. It's basically a section for book and story lovers.

Here's my first addition:

"Echoes In The Land Of Iron" by Elwinth Star.

I was actually involved in the creation of this book. My friend wrote it, I told him about my ABDL side and he was really cool and interested. So much he wrote an ABDL character in the book. It is NOT an ABDL novel, but a science fiction story with one ABDL protagonist. (One out of six main characters). He captured it very well.



Hello everybody, I would like to share my world with you. Or should I say worlds? As a writer, I have several new worlds in my mind. Sometimes the hunt me in the dead of night, sometimes the adrenaline is too much. Anyway, welcome to my little corner of me.

There are many things I could share, but I would like to share with you my first novel in English, called “Echoes In The Land Of Iron”. I’ll post things about it from time to time, but in the mean time, check it out and read the beginning!

Welcome to the Land of Iron!

About the book:

2083. World War III. Darkness and chaos all over the planet, except for one place: Temptaria, the ultimate utopia. It is a country born years back with the intention to escape the war and create the most powerful and peaceful haven for those fleeing the battlefields. They don’t know that Temptaria was the result of machinations and conspiracies of the Wraith Order. Now, the citizens are hunted by superhuman creatures known as Wraiths, and the only powerful force that can stop them is a group of vigilantes made up of misfits, the Iron Taskforce, led by the mysterious figure known as Father.

Skye, an immigrant whose sister has been taken by a woman called Lilith and a cyborg named Nordirax, the Wraith Order’s leaders. Luka, a solitary teenager with one objective: fitting into the world. Edward, a schizophrenic young man who defeated his illness, but there was one price to pay: his freedom. Ginevra, a pacifist girl, sent into the path of vendetta. Quinn, a fourteen year old boy, who has been tortured and scarred by the Daraith, one of the Dark Lieutenants of Nordirax. Jeanette, the fearless leader of Iron Taskforce, second to Father, who grew up as a killer machine. These are the scarred heroes, the fallen angels of Temptaria. But Lilith and Nordirax won’t stop until they start an all¨-out war between humans and Wraiths to gain complete control of Temptaria, and then… the world. How can a group of damaged souls be able to save millions of people from an evil that has been alive for more than one hundred and fifty years? A story told in first person point of view of each of these characters, the situation is simple: In the Empire of Iron, you fight your demons, you die or you rise.

You can read the Prologue here:

Elwinth Star | Light and Darkness, forever echoes in our Hearts…

Anyway, just wanted to share this book and see if it interest you. It's just 3 dollars digital in Amazon.

Have a nice day everybody!