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    I just experienced a fight while at Highway 99(Andy's) and it hasn't even been 5 minutes when I sat down to get my food. What has this world come to?

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    Fist fighting. around 15 seconds later an officer came in and grabbed the two men.

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    People do dumb, violent stuff all the time, it's just not everyday you get to see it in person. Nothing surprises me.

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    I am rarely surprised anymore... I'm still occasionally appalled or amazed though... -Marka

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    Andy's has never been a nicer restaurant IMO. Every one I've ever been to was mostly ran and patronized by teenagers and younger adults. I personally know almost every employee working at one nearby(from school, and through other people), and they are all unsavory, combative, douchey, druggie types. One time i went to a different Andy's in another town nearby, and the manager was a younger guy, and as I sat there and ate my meal I watched him from across the room as he repeatedly was loud an obnoxious, actually waved his arms over the bar and some other customers meals signaling to "a friend of his" across the room, and he even deep fried a krispy kreme donut and put it on a bun with bacon and cheese for himself to eat. Then i got charged $11 for a double bacon cheeseburger, no fries, no drink, just a burger, i wrote a customer complaint and within a week i received word from the district office that the store was put under review and i recieved a gift card in the mail, as an apology.

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    FYI Their prices were ridiculous I bought three items and it cost me $14.46 I was like "This is it?"

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    It sounds like it's time to find a different place to eat. We don't have Andy's in Lynchburg, but we have a very colorful place called The Texas Tavern. It's a small downtown joint consisting of about 14 stools and one counter, but they have the best Cheesy Westerns, which is a small flat hamburger with a fried egg on top, mustard and relish. All of the town characters go there, so you never know what's happening.

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    Everywhere has a place like that.

    Personally I've no problem with it. Some people enjoy that kinda ambience, and usually places like that establish a reputation quickly, so people who arn't into that don't eat there.

    We've got a lot of dive bars around here that cater to the university crowd. Cheer drinks, sawdust on the floor, occasional fights, etc. Also not my scene, but no one is forcing me to go there, and no one who goes to one of these places is expecting anything different, so whatever.

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