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Thread: How Often Do You Indulge in AB/DL interests?

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    Default How Often Do You Indulge in AB/DL interests?

    I haven't met anyone with AB/DL interests before. So I'm just wondering how often others indulge in AB/DL interests?

    Sometimes I over indulge, and then I purge for a week, setting myself up for another binge. But generally, I indulge everyday or every few days.

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    I probably give myself something small every day (I really love to sleep with my paci or go to bed padded) maybe once a week I'll go all out and have "little time" where I wear my onesie and don't do adult things at all.
    Occasionally I wear a goodnite out and about on errands but I keep it at a minimum.

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    It varies based on other plans. If I'm home in the evening, I'll generally wear a diaper and then wear it to bed if it's not too wet or else change into a new one for bed. On weekends, if I've got the free time, I'll often go padded for ~30 hours straight, usually gaming+sleeping.

    If I've got other stuff to do, though, I don't wear.

    I've also been intentionally not ordering new diapers until I actually finish the case I have, so I force myself to take a few days off, which I think leads to a better overall balance.

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    If I could be padded every day and get away with it, I would; but that's just when I can. I have become quite fond of my baba, though, it seems we are inseparable and has become an everyday item and I'm happy with that. c:

    And I was actually lucky enough to meet a Babyfur and DL at FurcoNZ earlier this year, nice people. Still have a bit of PCD lol...

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    I have been padded 24/7 for 2 months but funds are low so I haven't worn in 3 days but will tonight

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    Yeah it depends on the requirements of the rest my life - so indulgences ebb and flow. I can spend weeks where I almost never get to wear. But on the other hand I can spend weeks where I'm wearing and wetting multiple diapers even every day out and about including night time. But for me it's not a function of binge and purge but of work flow and project cycles and family needs.

    I do kinda find that the more I wear and think about diapers and incorporate them into my life, the more I want to do all of the above. But on the other hand, wen I take breaks, the desire kind of levels off or even is forgettable until I get some kind of trigger event after which I "need" a diaper to help me cope or process or calm.

    That's often what it looks like for me. Probably more complex but hey -- I'm typing with my thumbs.

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    less than i'd like; but putting aside my paci, which i use almost everyday, i get padded 1-3 times a week.

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    Every day, sometimes more intense then other days depending on my mood, except when serious circumstances prevent it. I went almost without for a couple of months when my mommy was sick and I kind of "lived" in the hospital. But even then it was possible to enjoy something small like sucking my thumb for a few minutes in a hidden corner.

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    Anywhere from at least 1 day a week, to wearing about 3 times a week. It varies based on outside circumstances.

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