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    #ADISC is a wonderful channel: populous, active, full of life . . . prone to ignoring people in need, losing them in the shuffle of all the active commenting. ADISC remains a Support community - ignoring those in need of advice or just an ear isn't like us at all. No one questions that ADISC truly is a community with all that implies. And like all communities, from time to time those in need can accidentally fall through the cracks. As a result of more than one instance of someone needing to talk and getting lost in the flood of very active conversation, StacyAnn, Tripped, and myself got together to hash out some sort of solution. ADISC is a SUPPORT community, no matter how inadvertent or accidental, we must hold ourselves to a Zero Tolerance Policy for ignoring people in need.

    To meet this this need we have created an additional channel in IRC: #snackbar. The explicit purpose of #snackbar is to provide a place where only those willing to provide help and those seeking someone to talk to are present. The general site rules still apply, but with addition of a prohibition on "lurking" and a limitation of allowable conversation. In this case, lurking is defined as not being responsive to #snackbar, not based on observable activity in the channel (which would defeat the purpose) but in responding in an appropriate and timely manner to events in #snackbar. The limits on conversation aren't bright line, but situational. In general, the topics of politics, religion, or other controversial matters are not permitted except to the extent they play immediate role in providing help or support to someone.

    What this means to most people: #snackbar is not a place to chat, hang out, or generally relax. It is the place to come if you feel you're being overlooked, ignored, or unheard in #adisc. For most purposes, #adisc is still the better place to seek help - there are more people there to provide better and broader responses.

    When you just want to be heard - #snackbar
    No Lurking
    No Ignoring People
    No Being Mean

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