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Thread: Taping on Abri-Form diapers.

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    Default Taping on Abri-Form diapers.

    So a month or so ago id seen this video ABENA - P and was slightly astounded at the way they tape the diaper, BTW this video is from abena. Anywho i said i would give it a try next time i diaper up, and so that time has finally arrived.

    Now my tapes arent exactly the way theirs are, but the lower tapes are in the middle of the diaper on the pad and horizontol from each other, while the top tapes are diagonaled-down and almost overlapping the bottoms.

    The fit is stellar, its very snug but not too tight either and i have full freedom of movement in my legs. the leak guards are right but the leg cuffs seem slightly loose. I have yet to wet myself but i will update as soon as i do, to let you know of any leaks and such.

    UPDATE: So far its great, i realized that the one leg cuff was sorta loose because my bottom tape on that side had picked up part of the wing and pulled it slack, so after a quick adjustment it fit perfect. Then after sitting around for 20 minutes or so, i decided it was time and i sat back and flooded hard, full evacuation in about 15 seconds and not a single drop leaked anywhere. ill update again later with subsequent wettings.

    UPDATE 2: i just messed(i really had to) and gave it another good wetting right after, still holding well, i was sitting during this most recent episode, dont normally stay in a messy diaper very long but imma try to stick it out for another hour so i can get 1 more big wetting, for the sake of thorough testing as well as not being wasteful(i hate wastefulness).

    FINAL UPDATE: i made it about 30 mins or so and then i went to finish off, i laid down and wet a couple more medium sized amounts, no leaks. I then went and flexed and moved about to test the containment and whatnot, everything held well. Keeping in mind i may not have the taping 100% perfect yet and i also retaped one of the tapes like 3 or 4 times(as i often will do when getting everything comfortable and symmetrical at first, cause im crazy like that) i did have the one tape come unstuck on me once, and after lifting one leg up and peeing a little i had a drop or two get by the leak guard but not enough to make any wet spots.

    In conclusion, i determine that this is a truly effective way of taping an abena diaper if not the best method, also being that this is the method instructed by Abena themselves, it is probably the most correct way. The fit is snug and comfortable, providing complete free range of movement, the waist(top) of the diaper fits close to the body and should provide proper containment during sleep or whatever activity that may have u laying down.
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    I've always found Abenas a weird fit on me, but still have a few and will try taping like that to see if it makes any difference. Certainly not seen anything taped quite like that before.

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    It's pretty much the way to do it, and IMO, the right way with any diaper. Angling the top tapes downwards and the bottom ones upwards ensures a better seal along the edges. When you sit down, ever notice when you don't do that the back end of the diaper kinda hangs open? Taping the tapes downward pretty much eliminates that.

    Hopefully someday stretchy sides/tapes will become common in adult diapers, as it will eliminate the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philder74 View Post
    I've always found Abenas a weird fit on me, but still have a few and will try taping like that to see if it makes any difference. Certainly not seen anything taped quite like that before.
    Yeah really though, i've never seen a diaper taped like they do in this video before, and when i first saw this video months ago on this forum whats what everyone else said too. tell you what though, its about the best fit ive ever had with abena. And no leaks yet, i gave it a good hard flood with my first wetting and not a drop.

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    Finally got round to wearing the M4s and taped them as above. Worked like a charm, so going to try doing my regular Tena Slip Maxis that way.

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    I just tried that method with my Dry 24/7's. So far so good.

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