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Thread: wearing a pair of plastic pants and a pad in public.

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    Default wearing a pair of plastic pants and a pad in public.

    I caught a bus today for the first time in months, I just stepped onto it, and put my freedom pass down and walked off and found a seat where I could see where the bus was going, the bus started off, and made its very slow way down to Southend-on-Sea bus station, on arriving a few hours later, I went into Southend Victoria station, and had breakfast and a well earned cup of tea, I went into the disabled toilet, and changed my pad, and disposed of it in the special bin, then had a quick wash down below, then put on another pad for the return journey, I decided to go the long way round, and caught a bus going to Wickford and Basildon, I was completely bored as we seemed to go everywhere, and stop for the day, on arrival at Basildon, I again found some disabled toilets, and changed my pad and disposed of it, had a quick wash and put a new pad on, this time I changed my pants and put them in a plastic bag, I was just in time to catch a bus going to Grays and Lakeside shopping centre, this journey was over very quickly, I suppose the driver wanted to get home, the trip was very jerky,wait until you have to stop then slam on the brakes at the last minute, then accelerate away quickly, people were going everywhere, somebody complained, and was told to sit down, as most of the passengers were freebies, any rate I got home and rang the bus company up and made a complaint about the driver number so and so and what he did, he said he would check the cameras, and get back to me, which he did, he said I can only say how sorry I am, and that the driver had made his last journey with that company, he then said was you the passenger who left a bag on the bus with, incontinent equipment inside it, I said yes I am and would arrange to have it picked up from him as soon as possible, he said I will have it bought to you, when it was delivered, there was a small letter inside the bag, which said you wont have to wear these items anymore on my bus company, as all my other drivers stick to safer speeds.
    I am not sure if I will travel again on my own, as I have got to go into hospital to have a pacemaker fitted in early June, I will be however keeping in touch with ADISC.ORG during my recovery.

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    Good luck in all your future travels.

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