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Thread: Hello everyone.

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    Default Hello everyone.

    Currently, I am a college student struggling through the second year of neuroscience. I seem happy and normal on the surface, but underneath, I'm really complicated (I have some invisible disabilities.). Usually, I'm nice and friendly, but I can get carried away in discussions and end up being unintentionally annoying. Forgive me if I make mistakes because I'm not that great at social skills or knowing what to do.

    Generally, I enjoy wearing diapers and acting like a baby boy, toddler boy, or an older boy in diapers. I also use diapers and other baby items for their intended purpose. Beyond that, I enjoy reading diaper stories. Unfortunately, with roommates, I have to do a lot of things discretely.

    I enjoy reading about things and learning about things. In other words, I really like information. So I spend quite a bit of time on Wikipedia, YouTube, and other internet sites.

    I joined this site to join a group with similar interests and find support.

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    Welcome Todd! It is so nice to meet you. I am a mom to six kids and would love to have more. If a guy in his early 20s asks me to be his mommy, does that possibly mean ABDL? If they only said they were PTSD, I guess it could be something else. Too bad it happened before I had heard of ABDL.

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    We have tons of support for you and 2nd that I'm sure it is but I rather hear your answer as you are always right. Trust me, take it from a DL Snivy from the Unova region. You will also love the Moderators up here so please...enjoy your stay.

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    Hi Todd and welcome!!!! im complicated and find most people are also!!!! I enjoy wearing diapers, my ab side I love my binky collection use a different one ever night. Although i am complicated I see my self as normal as i am sure you are Im new here also and cant tell you how much i love this site!! I hope you enjoy it as much as i do

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    Thanks everyone! I've used this site for years, and I really like it. It's just now that I created an account - I can be lazy at doing things, and normally, I tend to keep things to myself, especially my AB side.

    keithandre1 - I kind of view myself as complicated under the veil of normality, but it's enough to get by, unless I fall prey to anxiety.

    To all - To be clear, "todd" in "toddbid03" has nothing to do with a name. To lessen the confusion, I changed my username.

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