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Thread: Paci Upgrading

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    Default Paci Upgrading

    right now, my only paci is a silicone orthodontic nuk 3. half the time when i wake up, i find that my teeth are bothering me; they feel stiff, gums are a little sensitive, and i think some of my teeth are moving closer together.

    so, i'm thinking about getting a bigger paci and see if that helps, but i don't really know what all is out there. i want something that's as close to the paci i already have as possible, just bigger.

    can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    This is the least expensive entry into larger pacifiers of which I am aware: Nuk 5 Pacifier Nuk-p Ab Dl Favorites Adult Size Nuk-5 Pacifier Not Available in Stores Large White Plastic Shield Genuine Nuk Brand Medic-pro Large Imported Directly from. There's also Baby Pacifiers for Adults with some reasonably priced modified ones, and finally if you want to spend more. It makes sense to me to start slow and see if you like a larger one at all before diving into expensive modified models but see what you think.

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    I have to upgrade as well. I have a small blue one with a baseball on it. I bought a pink one, but it was even smaller, so I do not use it.
    I want a smooth nuk 5 silicone that is pink with butterflies on it. Does a smooth silicone one exist? If not I might try the yellow latex with white and just put butterfly stickers on it.

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    i've seen a lot of people complain about how rough the nuk 5 is; is that for latex and silicone, or is one smoother than the other?

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    You might also try a differently shaped baby pacifier. I hate the smaller nuks. But like mam brand for babies better than my nuk 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlitteredArtist View Post
    You might also try a differently shaped baby pacifier. I hate the smaller nuks. But like mam brand for babies better than my nuk 5
    The Mam shape does lend itself better to adult faces than the Nuk shape. I use Nuk 3's a lot, but I have found that Mam pacifiers, even with the smaller nipple are much more comfortable. I just prefer the look of the Nuk paci's :p


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    Thanks Ron! I will look for a cute Mam with silicone. That sounds like a great plan since adult silicone seems to be inferior. Now just need to get it to taste like salt. *grin*

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    well, just got my Nuk 5. ^^

    after reading posts complaining nuk 5s, i was afraid i wasn't going to like it.
    although, i think i'm too used to my nuk 3...i keep wanting to move the bulge of the nipple closer to the tip of my tongue.

    oh well, i'm sure i'll adjust.

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    Pacifiers'R'Us silcone pacis are smooth Baby pants silicone one aren't however. I like both textures but prefer my P'r'U shaped one so I use that most

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