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    Hello!!My name is Adrianna,I'm 26.I live on the coast of Maine,, I moved here after college. I discover this site by mistake looking for support for IBS. I suffer IBS since I was 18, it just have not gotten any better no matter what medicines I try. So I live in constant fear of accidents, so I have resorted to wearing diapers and thick panties. I came here looking for support and friends in like minded community.
    But outside of my problem,I love beach volleyball, sailing, soccer and lacrosse. I'm so excited for the World Cup,I wish I could to Brazil to watch it. I also enjoy going out to the local beach bars and listening to local bands. My favorite genre of music is Reggae and just laid back beach rock. Favorite artists: Jimmy Buffett,Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid, Sublime, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen and many more.

    So this is me!!Hi!!

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    Hi princessadrianna and welcome!!!! great intro buy the way!!! I love raggae and the blues myself and living in new england, the ocean, seafood mountains ect. I hope you enjoy adisc as much as i do!!!!

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    Welcome Princess. We are all here for you. I am in the DL department so I will be sure to read all posts if you have anything to post there. The IC & AB aren't as heart racing, but they have some good posts too. So happy to see you getting support for IBS. My cousin had something like that so she sent us all an email about how we might have inherited it as well. I never looked into it because I mostly have just gas. My DL activities have increased my gas. I might have to invest in Beano

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    I really appreciate the welcoming message.I sometimes feel alone with IBS,none of the medicines really work and its like I go public,Im scared of an accident.Im usually thinking how long is going take for me have accident?I cried whenever I do because I know people notice,there is not much I can do about it.I really appreciate welcoming,from the bottom of my heart.

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    I recall after my lower spine trauma, long ago, I had bowel accidents, too. So, I can relate. My IC now is urinary and I use diapers, of course. Other management efforts have not been successful for me.

    As to people who (might) notice: I have known one woman I met in an IC support group some time ago and she did have the occasional bowel accident due to her partial paralysis. This was managed quite well with odor neutralizing NULLO or other similar tablets. Your doctor might direct you here. NULLO controlled eliminatin odor highly effectively (it works for urinary, too). Her use of diaper and cover pants (plastic or rubber) was also effective in sealing not only leaks, but residual odor that might be present following an accident and until she could spirit herself away to change and clean up. Still, she was clearly distressed when this happened, but few if any nearby were aware, even if it took a while before she could find a discreet place to change. This might place things into a little different perspective for you, but most here have come to learn that such issues can be managed when others do NOT need to know....and yet freely discussed here when you want us to know. Yes, we share, we give information and we understand...not matter what the reason why we need to wear or choose to wear our protection.
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    Thanks, I will look into that NULLO thing. I do not know if it is a problem or if I am just being self conscious. It would really help someone with bowel trouble I am sure. . . I looked and I liked what I found. It is a semi natural supplement made of chlorophyll that prevents cancer along with odor. DL getting me healthy. It is so nice. Good for everyone to take even if they do not smell.
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    Hi Adrianna and welcome. I'm originally from the east coast, but Tom River, N. J. I grew up on Barnegat Bay and seafood. It too used to sail until I moved inland to central Virginia. I'm a professional musician, have played in a very good rock band for 15 years, and am big into Springsteen.

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    I too suffer from IBS mine is stress induced and well I am a very stressy person so it happens to often, but I dont wear for that reason. Also by the way its a pleasure to meet you. I hope that you will find support here like I do.

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