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Thread: Good job ADISC Members

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    Default Good job ADISC Members

    I just wanted to say "Job well done" to everyone who has been greeting newbies the last couple of weeks. Even newbies are greeting newbies! As someone who has done a lot of greetings over the last year or so, I must admit that newbies being left unwelcomed has become a rare site. Keep up the good work!

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    I think it helps that there are quite a few members who are not from the USA but from Europe and Australasia so all times are covered

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    Quote Originally Posted by DitziGermanShepard View Post
    Im a newbie XD
    Welcome! And you've been greeting others! Good job!

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    For me looking at this site for years and finally joining about 3 weeks ago I was very nervous!! I finally did a quick intro and you where one of the first to welcome me!! I relaxed alot!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so important for me to be welcomed by others like you!! I find myself in a new world of normal people like me with comfort. I feel its important to make others feel welcomed like you did me!!

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    Zipperless, you make a very valid and good point. I think I will begin making more of an effort to welcome new comers to the site.

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    You make a good point Zipperless. I must admit I've been doing a lot more greetings this year then in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzBaby View Post
    You make a good point Zipperless. I must admit I've been doing a lot more greetings this year then in the past.
    It is rare to see someone un-greeted longer than a couple of hours these days.

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    Hey, we gotta sleep sometime. It is fun greeting people, but does require more thought than most of the other posts.

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