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Thread: Bad News: Tena Slip Maxi in US Running Out of Plastic Backed

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    Default Bad News: Tena Slip Maxi in US Running Out of Plastic Backed

    It was only a matter of time. Bambino just emailed me that they have their last shipment of plastic backed Tena Maxi diapers. They have them discounted a bit. I knew it would happen. I wonder when XP Medical will run out of theirs as well. Has anyone tried the cloth backed ones? Are they decent, I've worn the abena ones, are they anything like those?

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    Some experienced responses in there along with the wailing and gnashing of teeth: The best cloth backed diaper ever would be a disappointment to me, so I'm definitely in the wailing/gnashing teeth camp.

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    I tried Tena brief and loved it. Thought about trying Tena with plastic. I guess I better hurry up. I like plastic a lot better.

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    I have a case of larges and the tapes are too close together. Kinda a waste of a good diaper. Especially since mine are the plastic backed ones.

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    yeah I hope to try Tena soon I only have the mens underwear and thats pull ups XD so leaky they suck.

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    Good. Hopefully they have the new ones in stock soon, I'm curious to try them asap. I didn't submit an order for another case because it's summertime and I hate plastic backed in the heat.

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    For those unaware, these are imported ones, not the crap ones you see in the stores in the US.

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    Memorial Day sale at Bambinos: All Tena Slip Bags 5% off, cases 10%. Last all plastic back - Only two orders per customer, they say.

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    Indeed. The only real comparable diaper is the superio ones in terms of being thin and swelling when wet. They both seem to have the same crinkle factor. I just hope they maintain their quality unlike their other type of diaper that was awesome and went to crap with pinholes and cheap plastic.

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