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Thread: do sex shops sell adult diapers?

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    Default do sex shops sell adult diapers?

    so i've been wondering this for a while because obviously some abdl stuff has to do with sex so i'm wondering if sex shops sell adult diapers, it'd be really hot to see a girl buy a diaper at a sex shop, that'll probably never happen but there's a sex shop in the next town from me, so again i'm just wondering if sex shops sell any adult diapers. respond when you can, thanks. peace and diapers

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    I'm afraid not, mate. Diapers, in relation to retail stores, are considered as incontinence products, not as a fetish item. Thus, the best place to find diapers for adults would be any place that sells medical items.

    If you're looking to buy ordinary adult-sized diapers, then I suggest going to a chemist as that's where you'd be more likely to find them. For baby-themed adult diapers, your best bet is online stores.

    There are fetish items that can be connected to AB/DLs, but only very loosely.

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    Well, there's no standard that I'm aware of when it comes to "adult boutiques," so I don't see why there couldn't exist such a store that carried diapers. That said, it seems a bit unlikely. The AB/DL community is small, thinly distributed, and fairly shy about buying diapers in person, so taking stock in premium diapers and selling them as sex toys in a brick-and-mortar store doesn't seem likely to draw many customers.

    Add to that the seeming rarity of female DLs, and the chances of your scenario actually unfolding seem quite remote. One can dream, I suppose.

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    Just checked an online adult store and no diapers listed. Lots of other "interesting" stuff, but no nappies.

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    We have a very large Adult sex supermarket on a large retail park, me and my wife have been in there many times, we have have purchased several pairs of rubber and pvc pants for my Nocturnal Enuresis, they are really suitable for that purpose as they, are really bikini type style, so wouldnt cover very much of the person wearing them let alone a pad or nappy.
    Go to a large pharmacy they tend to sell. most large brands are tried and trusted, or my supermarket Tesco's sells a good balance of both pull up and nappy style pads in all sizes, but alas no plastic or rubber pants, as they dont and wont sell them??, so good luck with your searching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Just checked an online adult store and no diapers listed. Lots of other "interesting" stuff, but no nappies.
    Which is funny to me, because a well known adult shop in my old neck of the woods carried enema videos. The AB culture is certainly well known in the media and I would think stores in busy areas would at least offer something in their online presence.

    We have a very large Adult sex supermarket on a large retail park,
    Suddenly, I'm picturing the Walmart Smiley face in a gimp suit getting spanked by the K-mart Blue light. Come on down to XXX-Mart where we'll penetrate the competition and make you come back begging for more. We can't even show you the rewards card.

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    No - my SO and I frequently venture into two of the bigger and better outfitted sex shops around our area to find new toys, and stuff... - but to this day I have not seen any such place selling diapers.
    I've seen some fetish related stores who have them though. But trust me on this one, the prices are outrageous.

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    ABDL while pretty common in the "fetish" community, is still too taboo and too underground to reach mainstream sex stores. Besides, if they did sell diapers in sex stores... they would probably be ridiculously overpriced... the smallest vibrator is like 50$.

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    I was a night manager for an adult video store about 15 years ago and while there were plenty of toys, there were no diapers or anything related to AB/DL. On the other hand I did run across a few videos from time to time, but the majority of the time they were special orders.

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    There is one place in San Francisco that sells adult diapers as costumes. I can't remember the name of it. It's been about 9 years ago. This is what it looks like Big Baby Costume Accessory Kit | eBay. I don't know if the store is still there. Now a days you can almost sell anything on the internet. Cheaper for the stores too. But I wonder if that store is still there.

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