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Thread: Searching for friendship that maybe might become something more.

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    Default Searching for friendship that maybe might become something more.

    Hey I live near Buffalo, NY and im looking for someone else relativelty close (i can drive a bit if i need to) that i can become friends with and maybe that the friendship will turn into something more. I am Bi so as long as your nice and fall into my version of "cute" (its not that hard) i dont care if your a guy or a girl.

    I have a profile on a website [website] here is the link. i dont htink you need to be a member to see my profile. its here [website] . And i dont know how good their test is at matching correctly but here is the one they made for me [website]

    Even if you just want to be friends, haveing someone to hang out with and maybe have some diaper fun with. I would greatly appreate it. But i figure I have nothing to lose. and probably plently of friends to make and maybe find someone special.

    Love ya all. And stay happily diapered.
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    ADISC is not a dating site.

    We would greatly prefer it if you built up some status and made some friends here first before advertising yourself that you are interested in looking for other people. This is done to protect both you (from creeps) and to protect our current members from getting into something dangerous. That's nothing personal against you, we just simply don't know anything about you, so there is no trust there. We condone getting to know people first, so please refrain from making these sorts of threads in the future.

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    lukie said it all. Wait and become a more trusted member and then ask to meet up. Preferably with people you yourself trust. This does not mean wait until you hit regular's status but it'll take a bit longer then that even.

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