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Thread: Interesting phenomenon I've noticed recently

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    Default Interesting phenomenon I've noticed recently

    When I go about my day padded, I find that I have the urge to urinate more often than when I don't wear, regardless of fluid intake. At work, while in "big boy" undies, I rarely need to step out to the bathroom, maybe once on a full 8 or 9 hour shift. While wearing goodnites? Almost every 15 minutes. Even on a short mid shift(4 hours) I had to step out and change, once about halfway through, and again after I was done. Other diapers have the same effect, but naturally don't need quite as many changes. Pavlovian conditioning maybe? Subconscious response to wearing diapers? I don't know. It is interesting though. I may keep an I/O sheet on myself just for kicks.

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    It is interesting. Same situation for me, If I wear a diaper I feel the need to go more often, not sure why but I feel there are many factors to consider.

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    I actually have experienced the same thing. Not after 15 minutes, mind you, but almost every 2 hours I feel the need to wet my diapers. At first, I had the fear that this tendency would carry over to when I didn't wear, but I found myself still keeping in control and only having to go every 6 hours or so. Very strange, to say the least :\

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    Yeah, that's a result of conditioning and practice with wearing and wetting. When you wear a diaper, your brain gets the memo that it's okay to wet yourself, so the tiniest urges to go are much stronger and more frequent than when you're not wearing.

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    I wet about 3 times during my 5 hour shift. If I did not have a diaper on I would sure be looking for one after 3 hours. Can't make it three in a diaper though. My urges tend to be whispers now that I wear all the time. I tend to go whenever I want. I can never get too far away from them because it is too hard to be a big girl.

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    It's happened to me too It could very well be the conditioning, yeah. Your subconscious knows you're wearing diapers, so it lets go freely. Also, you only feel the need to pee when your bladder is already somewhat full, so you're probably peeing the same, only more often.

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    As soon as I get my diaper on my bladder goes from being a big boy bladder to an infants bladder.

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    Wow...Diapers sure are powerful to do stuff like that then. Proceed with caution is my only advice.

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    yep same here, if im in big boy pants im fine but as soon as im in a diaper its as if my bladder just doesnt know how to hold pee lol must be subconcious conditioning

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    I have experienced that feeling that I sometimes go more often while wearing a diaper.

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