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Thread: New sample ordering program for Canadians

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    Default New sample ordering program for Canadians

    I received an email yesterday from Age Comfort (They have the occasional sales on Abena products) that they are starting up a sample program. 5 samples and you either pay the $9.99 shipping or you can add them to an existing order free of charge (At least that's how it was stated in the email) Not too bad of an option for someone trying out different brands.

    Age Comfort

    Side note: Some of their 'premium' brands have an extra charge like the new Confidry 24/7

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    That's actually a pretty good deal. I will have to give it a try once I order another case of diapers from them.

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    I'll have to bookmark them for later...hope that deal sticks around for a while.

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    I used it with my last order. They have added samples properly now rather than burying them. They now show them just like healthwick do as items you can put in your basket. Before you had to request samples

    It's much better and they are still the cheapest website in Canada with free shipping on cases. Just not the quickest (that's healthwick and

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    I hate that they have age comfort on the label. Have to order when I know no one is going to be around. Way cheaper than B4NS though.

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    I also placed an order for samples, going to take advantage of the offer and try out the Dry 24/7 even if they tag on an extra $2 for it, as well as the Abena Abri-man pads Formula 2, as I do you Depends guards when the prostatitis flares up, and I tend to have the after-void drip and like to have at least dry underwear! Attends and the Abena Delta & M4 were on my list as well, SLOW on shipping though, very disappointed. I ordered on May 21, and still nothing arrived yet, I expected 5-7 days.

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    I have had great luck with AgeComfort shipping, usually one or two days in Ontario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by totters View Post
    I hate that they have age comfort on the label. Have to order when I know no one is going to be around. Way cheaper than B4NS though.
    That is really the major negative I have with them. Understandably they are a medical supplies company, but my packages usually get left upstairs with my folks (Delivered when im not home and left with closest neighbor) and on my last order I got a call: "You have a package...something from Age Comfort?" -_- That being said, the box was the actual Abena box as well. Sure it only has the giant M on the side and the blue lines, but it wasn't a plain box as they said.

    As for shipping times well I chalk that up to Canada Post. I expect shipping to Newfoundland where I am to take its sweet time on anything. Honestly sometimes things from China get here quicker, but my case sat at the main sorting station in the city for three days before it was sent out. I could have picked it up myself long before they came with it if they had allowed it. If I could get a company that ships Fedex or UPS so I can pick it up at the depot I would be happy. I really dont like Canada Post.

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