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Thread: Cute Baby Clothes for Guys

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    Default Cute Baby Clothes for Guys

    I am looking for a place to get cute clothes that looks like a toddler would were or something of the sorts that I can were in public and not be looked at weirdly. I know it easier for girls to do with overalls and what now but was wondering if there any clothes that guys can get away with or our we out of luck.

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    I often wear my lion king t-shirt or other of my disney t-shirts that i ordered from Those usually get some good compliments from girls too, if only i was better at keeping up the conversation after they pay me a compliment.

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    privatina - individual one piece fashion: Adult baby welt

    Some stuff is more subtle on there, depends on your boundries I guess. Anyways sleeper onesies are pretty in fashion in the UK at the moment & Japan has off the wall fasion cliques too, what is America like for more juvinille dresscode?. There are plenty of other sites in the US that you can get specific stuff from but Target and Walmart have kidish clothing for Adults just see what you like. hugs .

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    I wear my cartoon socks all the time, even under my business suits.

    In the summer a pair of shorts, a Sesame Street T-shirt and a pair of childish sandals makes me feel 3 and doesn't attract to much attention.

    And when i'm in the US I am happy to wear overalls, but back in the Netherlands that would not fly.

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    I got some great stuff in Large from the kid's section at Kohl's

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    I love wearing one of my onesies over my diaper and then going out in public. No one can tell its a onesie it just looks like a normal shirt tucked in, but you know what it really is. And there are plenty of different onesies out there, from plain solid colour shirts to ones with designs

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    As Bartolome said above, it's sometimes best to get larger sizes from the kids section.

    Alternately, the guys' sections at most stores have t-shirts with cartoon characters on them. Hot Topic has a lot of those.

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