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Thread: do you remember the first time?

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    Default do you remember the first time?

    Tell me about the first time you wrote diapers. What did you feel? Did you immediately regress? I still remember my first time I dropped to my knees because it felt so good.

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    Yeah I remeber my first time. Mom was babysitting someone's kid and when they left hse still had the package of diapers lying around stole one that night and tried it on. I remember it feeling better than expected.

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    The very first time since I was out of them, was when I was 5. I took a sample pampers we had received by mail and played with it. At first I did not tape it on. But when I finaly did, I played running around with it. I also hid some other samples in my room and I would wear them at night. When my mom found I had them, she trashed it.

    The next time I got to wear one, was at 14 years old. A DL friend I met online, gave me a few diapers to try. It was a revelation, even if it was the single worst diaper in the wold. Even worst than Depends or store brands. For those that remember, it was in the early 2000, a thin, all white diaper with 6 white tapes. It also had an waist elactic at the front and back. Almost like an Attends with 6 blue tapes, but way cheaper. One single wetting and the thing was leaking.

    Speaking of wetting, back then, it was very counter intuitive to wet my diaper. I was not "diaper trained" yet and all those potty training safety catchs where on. I often got headaches trying to force myself peeing. Literally!

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    I *might* remember the first time. I was six years old when the recreational diaper use got started, and memories that old tend to blur together. Let's just say that I have lots of chunks of diaper memories from that age, but it's unclear whether they fit together.

    My sister was just finishing with diapers when I started experimenting with them. They were the same old cloth diapers I'd worn before she was born, and I can remember quite vividly walking into her bedroom, taking a diaper, some diaper pins, and plastic panties. I ended up doing this many times! I can also remember lying on my back on the floor of my bedroom, fumbling with pins, and finally getting the diaper on. What a sense of accomplishment!

    I don't remember any regression, though, but rather simply enjoyment of being diapered. Diapers just felt "good." It's a little hard to remember what "good" actually meant, because as soon as diapers became a sexual release for me (sometime around age 11 or 12), that was all I could think about.

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    One of my first times was when I was 8 I was staying with my older female cousin and husband and child for the summer and I would watch her change Anna diapers about a week in I would sneak a pampers and wear them at night it was a great feeling. I did this for the whole summer. Also that same summer went to friend of cousins house for a afternoon and she used cloth diapers on her baby and I tried a cloth diaper it was the best a memory I will not forget.

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    I will probably never forget my first time as long as I live! My cousins came over to my house for my birthday, 5th or 6th is my best geuss. One was my age and the twins were babies. The older cousin and I were playing in my room when I ran out to the living room to ask my mom a question. Question answered I headed back to my room when I saw a diaper laying on the floor in the middle of the living room. I kicked it all the way to my room and under my bed (bed next to door). I don't know how many days later it was when I remembered what I had done but it was shortly before bed time when I pulled it out and took it into the bathroom with me. I remember laying on the rug on my back in front of the sink and taping it on. The feeling of that plastic backed disposable baby diaper was unlike anything else in the world. I remember walking out of the bathroom and could hear the loud plastic crinkle of the diaper under my shirt (wore a large shirt to bed that was like a dress). I remember my mom was on the phone in the kitchen area when I lost my nerve, made a u-turn for the bathroom and took the diaper off. That destroyed the tapes and plastic! I hid it somewhere and later on wet it while sitting on it and holding it up. I knew nothing of disposal and hid it in a shoe box, which my mom later found and threw away. If only I could go back in time and wear it at a more opportune time and I would buy several packs and hide them.

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    I fail to understand what you mean by the first time I "wrote" a diaper, but it's safe to say that I don't remember the first time I wore one: I wasn't even a day old yet, afterall.

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    The first time I wore one was when I tried one on when I was five and I found it to be uncomfortable. They were right and it felt like I couldn't breath. I never wore one again. But I tried on pull ups and they felt fine but they made my bottom sweat. I never used them. First time I did was when I was about seven and it felt nice but I couldn't stand to be wet for more than a few minutes and I never did it often.

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    I had interest for a long time but my first was with a makeshift: old towel at the age of 12 or 13.

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    I remember I wore for the first time I wet my pants before we were going to the Drive-in movie theater and my step dad put a pull up on me after getting me cleaned up. This is when I found that diapers were so awesome and I was 6 years old.

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