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Thread: would you support your child

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    Default would you support your child

    Those that have children, how many of you would support your child if they had the same fetish and you caught them indulging in it. What would you do? I often wonder what I would do if my daughter's wanted to get into it. Not saying I'm embarrassed but what do I teach her about it to help her

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    I am not a parent nor will I be for the immediately foreseeable future but seeing as this thread has come up before I have actually given this situation some thought.

    I would make sure to be upfront and direct with my children. I would try not to instill the social stigma that other parents end up indoctrinating their children with; instead, dispelling that would be the preferred matter of course in an effort to make them more confident as human beings. Because of the way I was raised, the social stigma that surrounds diapers was pushed so hard on me I honestly believe that I would just up and leave if I were ever found out by any of my family and not bother to make contact with them for a really, REALLY long time. This as I have come to believe is also a minor contributing factor on why I pretty much became very introverted; a trait I lament having almost daily.

    Additionally I would make very clear my intentions on being passive involving their fetish/kink/call-it-what-you-will (...interest). I would not procure for them unless they themselves provided the payment, including the tax. As far as accumulated money goes, he/she/they would find very few free passes: his/her/their birthday/s and Christmas each only comes once a year, I don't like the idea behind "allowance", and unless my [future] wife is of a foreign ethnicity whose national holiday happens to involve gift giving; he/she/they are going to learn quickly the value of honest labor (even if it's a lemonade stand). I understand that this sounds like a steep learning curve, but as a [future] parent money management should be taught as soon as they begin to understand the concept behind money itself (counting and basic addition/subtraction would most likely come first).
    In perhaps an even stricter measure would be the fact that I myself do not like to participate in role playing, so ageplay and whatnot would be a flat no. Cleanliness and organization would also be enforced.

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    If by support you mean you will indulge in it like change them or baby them, my answer would be no. I also wouldn't buy them for them either if it's a lifestyle or a fantasy or whatever you want to call it. If by support you mean accept it and let them wear them, my answer is yes. If they are able to go to the store and buy them themselves, then they are old enough to be wearing them. But if they were stealing them, I wouldn't approve. I also would not want to know about their diaper usage and when they have one on or that their boyfriend/girlfriend changed them or their spouse. I don't know if I would ever feel comfortable sharing mine with them if they got into this, I still don't feel comfortable hearing about my parents sex lives so why would I be fine with my kids knowing about my diaper life. I can just imagine cleaning one of my kid's rooms and I find a pack of diapers and I say nothing about it. If I however found a baby diaper on their room and my kid was young, then I would say something about it because I would want to know where the diaper came from. I would want to know if they took it or if they took the train to the store or something or walked a half a mile to Walgreens to buy them or if they went to the local gas station for them that is less than a mile away or if they took it from a friend's house or from school. But as teens, it wouldn't be my business and I would just assume they bought them from the store or something using public transport or rode a bike. If it was one of my diapers, then I would say something about it because I wouldn't want them stealing from me. If it was a cloth one, I might not say anything about it since it can be washed.

    But right now I won't allow my son to wear them and use them and I certainly don't like it when he goes in his pants (I feel like a hypocrite for this). With a new baby now, he has been using the potty well now without going backwards including pooping in it.

    What is there to teach your child about this? Perhaps tell her she isn't alone and there are also 5 million other ABs in the world or more and there is nothing to be ashamed about liking them and wearing them. But there is still a stigma to it that diapers are for babies, elderlies and the handicapped so she shouldn't tell anyone about it unless it's her boyfriend since it's important in relationships for your partner to know. You can also perhaps give her tips about how to keep clean and avoid smelling when she uses them.

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    If I discovered that one of my kids was privately acquiring and using diapers, I'd do my best to leave him or her alone about it. The exception would be if I discovered that they were stealing the diapers or doing some other illegal/dangerous thing. We'd have a talk in that case. I think some delicacy is required in situations like this, because it's easy to see where parental encouragement could lead to overindulgence and social disasters, such as being discovered wearing diapers at school or similar. I would definitely urge privacy.

    I have no idea how my wife would react, quite honestly. She gets along with the knowledge that I wear diapers in her absence, but she certainly doesn't encourage it, nor does she get involved. I suspect she'd be inclined to dissuade the kids from wearing diapers, though with my example to guide her, she might be a bit less harsh about it than she would otherwise have been. Hard to say. And I'll probably never know.

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    I am a father but with grown children. It depends on the age of the child, when discovered. With younger children, you have to set stricter boundaries, because they don't have the maturity to always handle things in a way that might harm them. As a parent, you will want to protect them. If enjoying diapers was a problem for you, especially learning how to accept them as part of your self image, you probably wouldn't want your child to have the same desire. But if that happens, you also have the experience to know that this has to be handled with a great deal or care and love.

    Since many of us started acting on our diaper desires when we hit puberty, let's assume that this now is the age of discovery. At this age it becomes easier to discuss the whys and how this should be acted on. I don't see how I could say no to my child, but I would talk about balance. I think I might even buy him or her diapers as I know the pain I went through. At the same time we would talk about not over indulging. I would also try to stay involved from the sidelines when dating started.

    Dating is one of the most difficult things many of us have had to deal with, dating and involving diapers, or not involving them. Your child will have to face this challenge and as a parent, you can give them some guidance based on your own experiences. As diaper lovers, we understand the desire, and know that if we have a child with those same desires, they aren't going to go away. We have to be there for them, and more so, be a loving guide. We also have to give them some space and privacy. It's what we wanted when we were their age, but probably didn't get.

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    If I had children I would personally say if that's what you like I do not mind as long as you are not stealing or doing anything bad like doing drugs. And I'm certainly not going to let my wife treat my son/daughter like a baby I will immediately handle that. I will never judge my own flesh and blood. If he likes that fetish I will even go out my way and buy it for him.

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    If my kids had this fetish I would be fine with supporting them emotionally but would not be participating in anyway. They would be responsible for their own changes, procuring diapers etc. And they would be expected to keep it secret from the other children in the family. I would likely talk to them (based on age) about the reasons why they were into it (comfort vs sexual makes a big difference), to ensure they were not making foolhardy dangerous choices to have those needs met (like meetups with strangers).

    I knew from the time I was 9 that I wanted to wear diapers but I am sure glad my folks never found out. That said with my kids we are pretty open about most things and have had very interesting conversations related to all sorts of topics including some fetishes (teens asking questions) but fortunately answering age appropriately is much different than catching them doing any of that stuff.

    Frankly I hope to never learn of any of my kids fetishes if they ever develop them. I would like to pretend for my entire life they are virgins and pure right to the grave even if they grant me grandchildren one day lol we'll just pretend the stork brought them.

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    There would most certainly be a talk. I would tell him/her about refraining from indulging too much and making shameful public displays; your balance with your fetish as well as privacy is most important. Indulge responsibly. I won't go and buy him/her any supplies, nor would I play a caretaker role or treat him/her like a baby in any way. And I would let him/her know that a fetish is a natural thing for human beings to have and try to guide him/her toward accepting himself/herself. Mostly the essential things.

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    If any of my future children ended up DL or infantilistic first it'd prove to me that it is genetic, after that I'd probably support them...truth be told I need to give this more thought.

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    If any of my children had the same fetish as me I would fully support them, as in show them site's like this one and other that cover the same topic, I wouldn't indulge them in changing them, that would be up to them to sort that out. As long as they were happy and not having to do it in secret and it didn't interfere with them leading a "normal" life I would be quite happy. I am sure most people have some sort of fetish or kink that most others wouldn't want everyone to know about. But if you can share something with others it seems to make you a happier person, as long as your not ridiculed for it

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