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Thread: had anyone converted another to become an adult baby

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    Default had anyone converted another to become an adult baby

    Had above ever covered someone to becoming an adult baby and get then to enjoy it a lot? What did you do? I am not asking to force a person but just wondering if there is a few simple things that you have done to get another into it?

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    I have gotten some people into diapers. I would tell them about my diaper usage and they would get curious about it and I would tell them they would have to try it to see. it is hard to explain how it feels because they are not going to see what it's really like unless they try it and explaining it, they still won't get it. Reason why I would share it is because they shared their unusual thing so I shared mine. Not everyone gets into it of course so only few have. Not everyone is going to be willing to try it to see how it feels to wear one or pee in one.

    I once got my ex boyfriend to wear a diaper and I made him pee in it and he said he didn't like it so I never made him wear one again. He also drank Mountain Dew from one of my baby bottles. He didn't truly get into it, it was just something he tried with me. He was the one who told me to put some in it for him so I did and I was the one who decided to put a diaper on him and he let me and then I told him to pee in it and he did but only to take it off after he was through and he said he didn't like it when I asked how he felt when he did it.

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    I have not. Actually, I was the one converted. To be honest, I would never want to get somebody to interested in this. If such a person were curious and actually wanted me to sell them the idea behind infantilism, I would gladly elaborate for them but with fair warning to absolve myself of responsibility.

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    I wish! The idea of my closest friends/family being into diapers and pacifiers sounds jaw-droppingly awesome XD however I believe if it were the case I would never force it on them I'd let them embrace it in their own time in small chunks to see if they like it or not

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