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    Well, I'm not very good at this stuff, but here goes. I'm Raz, and I'm new here! School wise, I'm currently saving up money doing freelance commissions and also working towards getting a job so that I can go to a good art school to study character animation.

    I joined here because I have recently been having a really hard time repressing my thoughts about being an AB, and I think that maybe with a little support and talking to other people like me will help me stop being so hard on myself for liking diapers and regression. And all that jazz.

    Other than AB stuff, I obviously like to animate, draw, sing, write, act-- and just generally do artsy things. But cartooning is my favorite thing to do. I also like video games (any Psychonauts fans out there? haha) and I'm very passionate about music.

    ...That's pretty much it, I suppose. I hope to fit in here.

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    hey and welcome to the site i joined here ages ago but have been offline quite a while so im gonna consider myself new too

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    Hi Razputin and welcome!!!! I joined for the same reason and I am sure you will fit right in, I hope you enjoy the site as much as i do!!

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    hey there! glad your on this site. welcome to the community. remember to post things that are on your mind! we are all here to help!

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    remember this song? I do, I was around in 1978 You know the version by Turisas, the Finnish folk-metal band?

    help me stop being so hard on myself for liking diapers and regression. And all that jazz.
    Well, like it or not, you're ab, and that ain't goin noplace, nohow. I happen to LURVE my fetish, though plenty here are here because they hate it. Thing is, hate it or love it, it's part of you. And a deep part, and you can't pray it away, medicate it away, wish it away, or repress it away. It's here to stay. (I'm a poet and I know it.) So if you can, come to embrace it, or at least accept it; repression or denial only leads to depression, and this beats

    We can help, it's what we do. We have religious members, Christians, Jews, and even a Moslem or two; and more atheists than you can shake a stick at. Being AB is just the way God made you if you are a believer. Ditto for gender and orientation: we have gals in our numbers, and we are straight, gay, and everything else. We accept people as they are, and by seeing those here who are happy with being themselves, I hope you will realize that, following our example, you can too.

    I note, btw, you say you are bf. I am oldfur, and I am How d'you do. *shakes paw* what's your species?
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    Hey Raz, welcome to ADISC! It's always good to see more artists

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    Welcome! So glad you joined us. Have a great time at ADISC. I think you make a really cool ABDL.

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