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    So.. here is my introduction.

    I have always loved diapers, bit of a sissy, stole them a lot as a kid. I spent the past few years trying to repress abdl, dropping by on some abdl sites time to time, but I have learned I can't change myself. Being in college, its hard to get the time or money but now the summer is here and I decided I want to get back into the scene. I have been to adisc before, but I decided to finally register.


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    Welcome to the community YZ. What sort of music do you like?

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    I thought my name might give it away, but classic and current metal and rock.

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    I did wonder. Presumably the recent issue of early LZ material is of great interest.

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    Its nonsense. Spirits song has only a very slight part of a rift similar to stairway to heaven.

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    I understood that there was hours of material being made available. Did I get that wrong?

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