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    So of course with either needing or wanting to wear and use diapers there is the reoccurring need for diaper changes after accidents.

    If you are changed by a caretaker or spouse/partner. What makes this time go bye quickly . Is a pacifier or baby bottle used. Is there soft music. Is there singing.

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    I remember when I was little I would distract myself by looking at the ceiling, or with things very high up that I couldn't reach. I don't recall ever being really fussy about getting changed, I think a part of me enjoyed the attention.

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    What's the upside in making this go more quickly? This should be a pleasant experience, although there can be occasional unappealing elements.

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    I hated changing time when I was little. I would take my mind elsewhere and away from diapers. I can remember my mom would take out the stuff for a change and extend it even longer. I wish It could happen again now...I should have enjoyed it

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    Changing time, in my opinion, is the most special part of the relationship between caregiver and child (though, I don't know how well that transfers over to infantilism). A good caregiver can make diaper changing fast, easy, and even entertaining. A caregiver can play games with their baby, or tickle their baby, or softly sing to them to make changing time go quickly. Having someone who loves and cares for you enough to willingly check and change your diapers, someone you gaze up toward as they play with you while doing so, as they sing to you, as they learn your body map, your ticklish spots, cleaning your sensitive areas carefully; it's all magical and leaves you in a complete realm of bliss, and then it's over before you know it as they strap you into a fresh diaper.

    But I speak from mere fantasy. Another solution is to get a fancy multicolored flashlight to play with during changing time.

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    i dont want changes to go quickly cos i love the attention i get from daddy during changes

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