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Thread: Your activity?

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    Default Your activity?

    What does everyone do when they have diapers on? I've been asking questions and I got answers I wanna hear y'all's opinion...

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    I wear 24/7 so I do everything with them on, except obviously when I take a shower.

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    I like to go about my daily routines when I have them on, just the normal stuff. One interesting thing I do while wearing diapers is woodworking! I build guitars as a hobbyist and wearing a diaper while doing so is very comfortable :p


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    I just do normal things when I'm wearing. I really enjoy watching TV with a t-shirt and diaper on after work to help me relax.

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    I do every thing , changed my vans clutch and other work on cars while wearing and poopy as well

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    Since I wear for need 24/7 I do everything in my diapers. The only time when I'm out of them is when I'm airing out between changes
    and my morning shower. I also use the potty for pooping.

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    I like putting one on when I get home from work, so I do whatever. Cooking, cleaning, exercise routine (make sure tapes are secure), video games, chatting with friends, and sleeping more or less make up the standard routine.

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    As I mostly wear in private (when wife and kids are away), I tend not to do a whole lot -- mostly crash on the couch with a movie or video game, or else do fairly mundane, around-the-house stuff.

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    yeah something about diapers makes me tend to veg out on the couch with a pacifier. Except when I little out and then I just kinda play with toys or something. It's mostly vegging out though.

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    I'm with Cottontail. Mostly in private when the wife is away (not her thing). Veg out and watch a DVD.

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