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Thread: searching for the right diaper

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    Default searching for the right diaper

    So I'm tired of buying a pack of nappies to be dissapointed. I usually tend to stick with my attends but when I adventure by trying a new brand its always a let down. I'm looking for these qualities:

    * med-high thickness
    * cloth backing for silence
    * runs up to 54 waist (I like over sized)
    * elastic around leg opening

    Thanks peeps :-)

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    Have you tried Lille supreme large ? Go on inconinence choice web site as they have some good deals on there

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    The best for that probably would be the Air version of Abenas. If you don't mind it not being as thick, FitRight is the most comfortable cloth diaper I ever wore. If it was more absorbent, I'd wear them all the time. I've been tempted to just get high quality boosters and wear them. I think he is in the US and we don't have Lille diapers here, I almost got some, but the company that imported them quit carrying them.

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    im with parcelboy on this one if your uk based the website incontinencechoice is great. lille supreme fit are a very good diaper tho ive now moved onto tena slip ultima as ive gained a bigger belly and find the tena are comfier for me than the lille now

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    I am uk based and agree that lille supreme are very good.Take multiple wettings.Buy them from Incontinenceuk.Have also bought from love them as have pictures on just like baby diapers

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    I gotta say go with abena Xplus air plus, the L4 is extremely thick and you can also get it in cloth backed and it fits all your criteria. the cloth backed abenas are super quiet, so quiet i cant even tell im wearing it based on sound... my ABU diapers on the other hand are incredibly loud which is disappointing As you can see from my past posts im a fan of abena cloth backed diapers and ordering them from amazon... the two just go well together, who doesnt want 1 day shipping for $5.99 if your considering buying off amazon look at my post on this thread, it should be on the first page....

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    Cuddlz are good too just had one and it was amazing but to expensive.

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