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Thread: How to quiet down plastic backed diapers! HELP!!

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    Default How to quiet down plastic backed diapers! HELP!!

    Hi guys, so recently i got a sampler pack from abu and i love these diapers.... they look amazing on me but the only problem i have with them is that the are plastic backed. Now to most people plastic backed is the best ever but for me... not so much unless i wanna sit in my room all day and not leave to get a drink from the fridge cuz someone will hear the loud crinkle.... SO... does anyone know of any ways to quiet down a plastic backed diaper? any tips or tricks? i have already tried my tight boxer briefs but that doesnt help as much as needed... Please someone help!!!!

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    Well Ironically chances are nobody would even notice you where wearing a diaper despite all the noise ABuniverse diapers make. I myself have some and I wear them out in public (underneath clothing of course) and no one has heard otherwise. If you want to muffle the noise then wear normal underwear on top of the diaper as well as your shorts and you should be alright.

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    Wear some "slippy pants". These are crinkly track warmup pants I wore as a high schooler. They are great to wear and TOTALLY mask the sound of plastic backed diapers.

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    You are the only person that will ever nitice the noise the plastic backed diapers make.

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    Why is it some make the assumption that the wearer will be the only one that ever hears it? Even if the wearer is self conscious of it - it is still an audible noise and anyone that is close enough to hear it in a quiet enough environment will assume something out of the ordinary every time you move.

    But to answer your question, a mate told me that wearing a onesie helps dampen the noise with every transition you make.

    Hope that helps...

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    Because it's a simpler way of saying that it is not a big deal. It's a way to minimize fear. And it does a decent job, and it's primarily true.

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    As long as you do not do things to stand out from the crowd, people won't notice much about you. (Don't wear flashy clothes, act wierd in public etc..) But sadly, a human's sense of hearing is one of his/her most acute. So...

    I usually cram a pair of semi-tight boxers over my diaper, to muffle the sound. Then I wear a pair of baggy pants over that combo. A shirt covers this, and I'm ready to go. If you are really paranoid then do this. Get a carabiner and clip on a bunch of keys onto your jeans/pants. The jingling noise will distract/irritate most passers-by, and they won't notice the now greatly muffled crinkling. Good luck!

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    In addition to wearing underwear over the diaper and trying to accept that no one will notice no matter how crinkly you per I'd've your diapers to be, a tip I used when I was self conscious about the crinkle was to always have candy wrappers in my pocket just in case someone mentioned the crinkle. It was more of a self soother rather than a legit need, but it helped.

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    Underwear (boxer briefs especially) not too loos fitting have worked well for me over the many years.

    The noise is also far less obvious than you'd think it is.

    Cloth-backed diapers are also usually much quieter than their plastic backed cousins.

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    I have used womens cotton panties with powder sprinkled between the panties and plastic.

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