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Thread: wetting while moveing ?

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    Default wetting while moveing ?

    ( sorry bout the title of the thread but i really didnt know how to title it lolz )

    hello there i dont know quite how to put this but hear goes i guess

    ok well when i was wearing a while ago i had trouble peeing in my diaper while i was moveing or doing anything other than standing still or sitting down. whereas now i can pee while stading up or moveing or even running.

    im of curious as to why that is ? and if there is any explanation to it ! also if it means or could mean anything else..


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    As your body gets used to it, it gets easier to go. I can pee walking just a little bit after ten years of wearing them. I just have to stand still to go and then start walking and I am still peeing but I move slowly. Sometimes it takes years to start doing it. I can easily wet my diaper while sitting and doing something else. Plus after having kids, that may have made it even easier. I can remember wetting my diaper while changing my son and I was wetting while reaching for a clean diaper by bending and standing.

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    i have nonly probably been wearing a lot for about a moutnh maybe 2 lolz.

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    It's different for everyone. Generally it's because your body isn't used to it, you've been trained to go in one position and have horned your skills in said position for many years. But with enough time and deliberate practice you eventually can go whenever and however with little effort. It can take a long time for others to develop the ability to go while moving about, or it can take very little time at all. Just know that if you do attempt to untrain/train your bladder to do your research prior. ...Incontinence generally isn't fun, at all.

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    Yes, just like others have said; your body and brain are becoming used to going. It takes time for people to "un-learn" all of their years of potty training experience. Not that I'm actually talking about real un-training of yourself. Just simply that your body for years has though, "hold it, don't go while moving; we'll be at a bathroom soon".

    It's different for everyone. Everyone has that first position that they're able to go while in. Then as time goes on, they are able to get comfortable going while in different positions.

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    I have tried to wet while walking and haven't managed it yet likewise I haven't yet learnt how to wet my bed, by just relaxing, if I force it I can wee a little, but I keep trying.

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    i think its just a case of your body and mind getting used to it. when i started wearing i could only pee if standing or sitting upright and not moving or doing anything and basically had to concentrate on relaxing and letting go. nowdays i can pee while standing or sitting or laying on front back or side and i can be moving or doing stuff and i dont even think bout it i simply realise i need to go so i let it go i can still hold it if i need to in case im not in a diaper and need the toilet lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by awesomeness787 View Post
    Just know that if you do attempt to untrain/train your bladder to do your research prior. ...Incontinence generally isn't fun, at all.
    I hate how "everyone" assumes you can un-potty train yourself when there's *zero* proof anyone's done such a thing or it's even remotely possible. Because when you sleep your contracting the muscles that prevents you from wetting or pooping in your sleep.

    So unless you can remain conscious when your sleeping.. oh wait, that's impossible.

    As for peeing while running. Long distance runners sometimes go when they are racing, they don't wear diapers though for the obvious reasons.

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    Not necessarily. You're only contracting your muscles while asleep because you have learned to do it from an early age, all those months of potty training and getting scolded at for wetting the bed, it takes practice to literally untrain your brain from "I can't pee in bed! That's bad!" to "I don't care." You may not ever become fully incontinence, but to a degree you can train your body to just let it go. The amount of time it takes, plus the methods used, can and most certainly are different from one person to the next, but I do believe it's possible.

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    I would agree with awesomeness here. Being potty trained is learned behave and muscle conditioning. If you wear diapers 24/7 and release your bladder at the earliest sign of needing to pee instead of holding it then your body and mind will get used to urinating more freely into your diaper and over time become less continent. Now this wont be a quick progress by any means but gradually if u stick towearing and wetting your diapers 24/7 it will in all probability be effective. Now ask do u really want to un train yaself and become reliant on diapers all the time?

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