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    Hello all,
    Iīm new in here and I wanted to introduce myself.
    My name is Lukas, I am 19 years old and Iīm from Germany.
    Iīm interessted in diapers since I was 10, but I canīt wear diapers very often because of my parents.
    I am an adult baby, but also a petplayer.
    In my freetime I read and write storys or poems and did archery, but had to stop doing so because of medical reasons.

    Kind regards

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    Welcome to the Forums Lukas,

    I'm sure that the stories Forum will welcome your creativity. Have you been able to share much of what you have written in the past?


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    Hello DLE,
    I havenīt writen any AB/DL themed storys yet and everything i wrote so far is in German. I donīt know if i would be able to write an english story without so many mistakes that it would kill the fun reading it.
    My german storys where only read by friends and my family so far, but i plan of posting my bigest story part by part in the internet

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    There is only one way to improve your English... I'm sure that there will be volunteers to do a bit of proof reading for you. Getting the English right is the easy part. Having the imagination to write the stories, well I think that is hard. I'm from a scientific background, so my creativity is in problem solving and enquiry. Creating engaging tales that other want to read, that is another level.

    On the subject of poetry, any favorites? I really like 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran.


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    Thank you DLE,
    maybe I will try writing an english story after I finish school next month before i start working

    My favorite poem is "Erlkönig" from Johan Wolfgang von Goethe. I donīt know the english titel, but you can read it in english on the following site.
    Erlknig / Wer reitet so spt durch Nacht und Wind / O who rides by night thro' the woodland so wild / Who rides so late through the windy nightfree midi mp3 download Strand Hotel Sechelt bed breakfast

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