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Thread: Looking into Cloth diapers - first time

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    Default Looking into Cloth diapers - first time

    So I'm looking into buying cloth diapers, but, I've never worn them from what I remember. My mom had me on cloth when I was a newborn, bit that went sour very quick. So I was wondering, what do they feel like? How much do they hold? How bulky are they? And maybe anything else you'd wanna throw in would be great!

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    I think you can find all your answers here:

    And here is another thread on cloth diapers with lots of information:

    And there is a cloth diapers group as well.

    Good luck and enjoy them.

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    I agree with Albertje's advice. Here could be another starting point AIO diapers. They're a lot like a disposable in one way
    in that they're held on with Velcro tapes. Here's a link to checkout. all in one adult baby cloth diapers
    I happen to wear these as my overnight diaper.

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    Thanks guys! The threads helped. I'm a newbee on here and I'm just learning my way around. I'll definitely consider buying one or two.

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    Wearing cloth is totally different to disposable diapers , the felling is like you're most comfortable shoes or pair of jeans they cover you they fell nice and warm and the crinkle of the plastic pants as well is sheer bliss , if I was at home alone I would just walk around in just the cloth and pants like a little toddler

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    Just ask daddy how great they are, he brags on about them all of the time lol. He has a leopard spotted AIO one that he reckons is to die for lol. :p

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