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Thread: Footed Sleeper Fit Question?

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    So I'm planning on buying a new sleeper, not actually a footed sleeper but a jumpsuit (same thing but without the feet). I have three footed sleepers already, all from target. I'm looking at getting one on Ebay and the one I want is from the United Kingdom and because I live in the US the sizing is not what I'm used to. So I started thinking, how should the fit feel? All three of my footed sleepers that I own now are pretty tight because they are the XL boys size from target. My dilemma I'm having is that I seem to between sizes (M and L) and I don't know if I should get a medium and have it be a little tight or get a large and have it loose. So how do you like your footed/jumpsuit sleeper fit?

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    I prefer my sleeper a little loose, but thats my preference because I don't like any clothes that are to tight.

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    I prefer mine a little on the loose side. But still want them to support my saggy diaper when it's been used.

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