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Thread: Awkward Chaotic Situation

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    Ok so at high school my last class to go home I was asked to name at least 16 elements I could only remember 14 so a random guy on my left I think Charlie said "Piss" as an element. I said to myself "Some friggin idiot" but they gave him credit for trying and all I got was a "well why didn't you study" WTF?!?!?! I'm not lying, I hate [high school] so much...I said ok nickle then someone else thought I said the N word so before I said anything else...I walked out the room not saying a word...Why is high school complicated. Thank god I am a senior about to leave that fire pit.
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    Well, at my high school, pretty much every skinny white kid drove a fucking riced-out, slammed BMW/VW from the mid-90's that used to be their mom's with a fart cannon. As for awkward situations... Bladder shyness was always a pain in the ass.
    But yeah, i'm glad to be out of that shithole...

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    Respected. Be glad you don't have to suffer in High school. Mine however has nothing but racist (Yes, it's true has been confirmed) and rude asses. Hope today is a better day. I think they are going to write me up for even walking out yesterday. Hope today is a better day.

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    High school isn't so bad, At least it wasn't back when I attended. Not always fun, skipped a lot of classes but still graduated. Now teaching it, oh that's another story and I only have to currently teach 2 high schoolers...I would hate to have to teach a full class of them everyday, all day

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    I loved my high school. It was very diverse and pretty friendly. I guess I was lucky since most of us just got along.

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    Spring time is when kids get antsy and have a chip on their shoulder. High School fights happened most often in the spring. Kids at my HS, fortunately, were predominantly respectful and the ones who weren't, generally weren't respected.

    College is even more about respect. ... Even though the media seems to make it out to look like non-uber-liberals aren't welcome in most colleges.

    Sorry to hear about your days. Did you assure people that you did not use the 'N' word?

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    People say the N word all the time but I don't and they thought I said that word. College won't tolerate Immaturity I can't wait but I also don't wanna rush my childhood

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    Oh...colleges tolerate a lot of immaturity. It's called frat parties, etc. In fact, they tolerated me for a while, and then the administration insisted that I move off campus as I was a threat to the student body. But you are right that in general, students act and respond a lot better. You also have to spend a lot of time studying and taking life seriously. Those four years go by very quickly.

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