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Thread: What Cheers You up?

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    Default What Cheers You up?

    Right then Girls, not been a lot of activity in this Forum over the last few days and I've had a good day at work and am feeling happy so,

    What cheers you up when you need a lift?

    For me it is music every time. Last time it was Firework (Katy Perry) had be bopping around the lounge in my pink 60's style jelly coat. Time before it was Pachelbel's "Loose" Cannon (LAGQ) - Here's a link to the latter, slow burn but stay with it, it's great - LAGQ Live!: Pachelbel's 'Loose' Canon - YouTube

    Come on, let's share a few smiles!


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    Being a professional musician, many different styles of music cheer me up. I love riding my bike on our bike trail, and getting out in the fresh morning air always cheers me up. I love it when I'm writing a story, and I make some kind of connection that I wasn't even thinking about. It just suddenly comes. Those things cheer me up.

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    Genuine compliments of any kind cheer me up, or working out.

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    Now there I have to agree with you, although 'working out' for me is going for a long run (especially for about 13.1 miles with a few thousand others...

    Are you more a cardio or resistance exercise person?

    I see that you are into music, did you look at the LAGQ link that I posted?


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    I have a personal trainer that I train with for half an hour 4 times a week, and then I do 1 hour of random resistance cardio. I burn about 1000+ calories a day if I combine the cardio with the personal training. So far my record for cardio calories is about 702 in an hour. I just like to work out because it takes my mind off my life and concentrates more on the muscle straining or on my breathing... Lately i've not been listening to music because it has a very hard impact on my mood and my emotions, and I'm currently too emotionally frail to handle any kind of music... happy music will just upset me and sad music will just make things worse... sorry..

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    I usually like listening to music because it always cheers me up, and I also like to play my trombone too.
    Working out is a good outlet to cheer me up as well, when I do I seems like all my troubles from the day go away and I always feel good after good afterward.

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    hmmm, well it's not very girly but fixing up my old rattly motorcycle used to relax (and therefore cheer me up) me sooo much on a spare sunday, guess i'm a tomboy sissy =P

    recently starting to write up a furry story or getting into a good, story driven fur RP works wonders...wonders

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    As for girly stuff, it would have to be putting on a fresh new Girl Goodnites. It makes the little girl inside me feel so happy. ^.^

    For non-girly stuff, it would have to be listening to music.

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    My dog - so happy to see me everytime i come home! A little westie cross with who knows what. Never seen any dog like him! Just makes him all the more unique and loveable.

    Exercise - great for stress, tai chi makes me feel very zen too

    Nature - feeling a million miles away from everything. Closing my eyes and hearing the breeze moving through the trees. Allowing my senses to take over. It's very therapeutic for me.

    Community - There is a self confessed hippie who walks around in his tie dye out fits. He leaves plaques with inspiring quotes dotted around the woods. And a little box of 'peace and love' pebbles by a stream. I share these pebbles with people i meet. We've never spoke, but i've been touched by his sense of community spirit. So things like that cheer me up.

    Music - Listening, playing, or writing my own. Music is a passion in life i'd be really lost without. Teaching is a joy too. If i can inspire people to realise their potential. Seeing them so happy and buzzed when they achieve something, it puts me on a buzz too! Really one of the best feelings in the world .

    Helping others - i can have a very calming effect and i've been told i'm a good listener. With even people who don't know me too well giving me a knock on my door when they want to talk. Its touching when people want to open up to me, just a nice feeling if i can help . Bit of a role-reversal for me on ADISC so far.

    i could list more, maybe in another post.

    Note to self - need to work on length of posts, and overuse of smileys !!! Hehe

    bye for now, have a nice day everyone!!
    *hands out peace and love pebbles*

    - lotus flower

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    I like to talk to my friends. Especially my bbbff. Generally they know how to cheer me up even if they don't actually know. It makes me smile that they care enough to try and make me happy when I feel sad or upset or what have you. So my advice to people looking to be cheered up is, find someone to talk to that is willing to listen and try to make you feel better. (Even if sometimes they can't, the thought that they are trying can be a mood booster in itself.) At least that's in my experience.

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