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Thread: Going on holiday in great Britain.

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    Default Going on holiday in great Britain.

    We have a few caravans on the South Coast, usually two weeks before the season starts, me and my good wife and dog, hire a large van out, and place several mattresses and pillows inside with lots of cleaning utensils, we start at Weymouth, where we have two caravans, and had a letter from the caravan site agent, he said there was a terrible stench radiating from one of our caravans, we went there first, and opened the door, and then held our noses and opened every window and sky light, to get some air into the caravan, we pulled the urine soaked double mattress from the caravan, the the two single mattresses, which were also been drenched in urine, and just to finish it off, a small cupbord that was supposed to hold the ironing board and brooms etc, contained twelve plastic bags full of adult and childrens nappies. we took them to the tip, and set fire to them, we asked the agent to attend the caravan, and asked him to submit a claim for three new mattresses plus, misc items from the caravan, he said have you seen your other caravan, we said it had taken us three hours to sort this one out, the other caravan was ok, just smelt a bit, because the agents cleaning women hadnt emptied the small rubbish bin in the kitchen, he said he would, put the mattresses inside the caravan when they arrived, I said could you and your cleaners keep an eye this year, as its costing us a small fortune, he said dont worry, we have a no children and pets policy this year, I said what about incontinent parents, he said the last people to have your caravan was two young couples, I said they mus have gone round and urinated on all the mattresses, we left and went along the coast to Poole in Dorset, where we have two more caravans and a small sailing boat, so we stay there for a week, there was no real problem with the caravans, just lots of dust from standing idiol throughout the winter.
    I have gone to many caravans throughout my marriage, and have never wet the bed, as I always wear my pants and pad to bed, and always with a bed pad under me, so why cant other grown up people do the same, the people who wrecked my caravan will never ever get another caravan anywhere near the south coast again, and them police were involved, who took pictures of the mattresses, and the insurance company as sued for compensation, so laugh that off you cretins.

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    It's people like that give us responsible nappy lovers adult babies and those who have to wear nappies a bad name !
    Haven't they heard of plastic sheets and rubbish bins

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