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Thread: 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Discussion Thread

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    Default 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Discussion Thread

    I noticed ADISC has a sizable hockey community, yet a lack of hockey-related threads. With the Stanley Cup Playoffs now going into Round 3, I figured it would be a good time to have a thread to discuss the playoffs!

    What's your favourite NHL team?
    Did they make the playoffs this year?

    Who do you want to win the Stanley Cup?

    Out of the 12 teams that are now out of the playoffs, which one are you most disappointed about?

    Who do you think will make the playoffs next year?

    And in case you aren't aware, here's the bracket as of Monday, May 19:
    Attachment 20974
    For future reference, here's the link to the official, live-updated bracket: 2014 NHL Playoffs bracket - Sports tournament brackets, championships

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    My favorite team is Detroit. We lost to Boston in the first round. Should've lost to Boston too. Don't play well enough in the regular season, even with injuries it's not an excuse. I am also a huge Minnesota fan. We lost to Chicago, and played better than I expected.
    Other then a dislike for Chicago I don't have a rooting interest right now. I love hockey though. It is my life. So I will watch every game.
    There is way too much time to predict what will happen next year. We're not even done with this season yet. Still have off-season, draft, preseason… Etc. etc.

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    Wings fan, eh? I myself am a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, and we got knocked out in the first round too so I feel your pain. Then again, the only other time CBJ made the playoffs was in 2009, when the Red Wings eliminated them in Round 1, winning all 4 out of 4 games!

    Currently I'm rooting for the New York Rangers, because they acquired a couple of Columbus' players in trades this season - Derick Brassard and Rick Nash. Derick Brassard was a CBJ centre since 2006. Rick Nash was the captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets since 2002, and he was an outstanding player, so I kind of became a Rick Nash fan almost as much as a CBJ fan. It's sad to see him leave the Blue Jackets, but I don't like him any less as a Ranger. I appreciate him as a player overall regardless of what team he's on. I'm excited to see where the Rangers go now.

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    That was a fun series in 2009. If I remember correctly Rick Nash scored I think two or three Hattrick's against the wings in the regular season that year.

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    I root for the winged wheel and always have. The Red Wings barely made the playoffs this year and were pretty much swept in the first round by a team that showed up to play. Hopefully the 4-in-a-row defeat in the playoffs is something for the players to mull over and next year they'll show up to play instead of playing like they are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

    Biggest disappointment was the Blue Jackets and the Wild getting knocked out, I would have liked to see them go the distance. Right now, the only team I'm really paying attention to is New York, I wouldn't mind seeing the Rangers hoist the cup this year. It's more exciting for me when a team that hasn't won the cup for some time is still in the playoffs, and don't mention Montreal. I hope the Habs get swept by the Rangers.

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    My team is Toronto M L. Unfortunately, not playoffs. I hope the New York Rangers take title. By a single reason, Zuccarello. Norway's best player of all time. Finally the breakthrough in the NHL for him.

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    Another Wings fan here! I was sad, but not surprised to see them get knocked out. They were way too inconsistent over the season and barely made it into the playoffs. I wasn't really sad to see anyone else go except maybe Colorado. Despite their history with Detroit, my wife is a fan and they did have a good run this year. I was jumping up and down with excitement when Boston was defeated though.

    I'm not sure who I want to win the cup out of the teams that are left. Probably Montreal for the simple fact that they were the ones who took out Boston. But they're digging a hole for themselves, so that's not looking too good...

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    Los Angeles Kings vs. New York Rangers tonight at 8:00pm ET the Staples Center in LA for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals!

    The Rangers ended their series against the Canadiens in Game 6, so they've had far more time for rest and preparation than the Kings have, who are going into Game 1 in front of their home crowd. So, both teams have their advantages and from watching them both up to this point it looks like they're a great match for each other. I think this will be a very tense and close series!

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    I'm rooting for LA! Willie Mitchell is from where I live, I saw Lord Stanly's cup when it came here 2 years a go.

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    Im a boston bruins fan from NE!! Montreal took em out game 7 and they got taking out in next series in usa i prefer and route for us east coast teams!!! But as a true hockey fan the best team wins so the stanley cup champs will have respect from there fans as well as from me a Bruins fan!!!

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