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Thread: Diaper Punishment

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    Default Diaper Punishment

    I had never heard of diaper punishment outside ADISK and never experienced it so I would like to get some feedback on other's experiences and what the pros and cons might be.

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    Well, look at it as with any other BDSM type thing: BOTH Need to LIKE partaking in it to get enjoyment out of it.
    And like other stuff from that realm: always play it safe and respect each others boundaries / Limitations - even if they suddenly change.

    Whilst myself and my SO are a good bit invested into BDSM play, the diapers take (almost) no place there... Not my kind of thing, as they're too much of a necessity to myself due to the IC.
    But again, if it is something you think you'd like, give it a try and see where it goes... if you happen to dislike it: stop


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    Thanks. I think I meant, has anyone experienced it as a child. Like a parent or teacher or baby sitter put them back into diapers for an unrelated offense like throwing a temper tantrum or something. I would think that would be pretty weird to do, but it is not as violent as I am sure some of our childhoods turned out. So I assume it would be a lessor of two evils type punishment. Anyway, if I were to meet a random person and they said they were planning to raise their kids that way, should I think nothing of it? It just got me curious if anyone else thought there would be benefit or harm in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fascinating View Post
    It just got me curious if anyone else thought there would be benefit or harm in it.
    Much as some of us here might have liked it, it does sound to me like it would be highly humiliating for any child and would definitely do more harm than good.

    I know I would never consider doing it to my kids as I'm sure you wouldn't to yours.

    There are some people out there who don't think or have different moral values though, so it probably does happen.

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    I would have thought that, for the most part, the stories I have read on forums like these, about members being punished by being put back in nappies, are fantasies.

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    The only time I'd even consider it would be where you've got a sibling teasing another sibling about bed-wetting. In that particular circumstance, I could see it creating a little sympathy (though, even then it could backfire).

    Outside of that, I've never heard of it being done and it seems like a terrible idea to me. Many of the long term variations from ABDL stories actually border on child abuse if somebody were to do it for real.

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    I can remember two brothers, who lived further along the road from our farm in North Scotland, one was called Tim the other one was called Alen, they were four and five years old, and went to a special school, for back ward children it was in Inverness Scotland, and every morning they bundled off to school in a large green coach, one afternoon they attend my birthday party, and we all noticed that they were both wearing terry nappies and plastic pants, but they didnt care, they just wanted to play and eat everything, their mother kept chasing after them, to change them which she did in front of all the other children and parents, my Grandparents asked her to change them inside, in the toilet, she said no I will do what I want, as they are my children.
    When they grew older they started to attend senior schools around the district, so everybody knew they wore plastic pants and nappies all day, all the schools refused to teach them, it was just impossible to tech them as they run up and down the school corridors for most of day, to me knowledge, they were eventually put in a metal home for retarded children.
    My aunt sent me to school in disgrace one day in a nappy pad and plastic pants, I was dressed normally other than that, but when it came to my PT lesson which was a double period after dinner break I went to the head master, and told him that my aunt said that I had been, naughty and stupid, and wanted me to be humiliated in ront of my class mates, he sent for the district nurse who drove me home, with a letter from the headmaster, stating that if she sent me again in baby clothes, he would call the police straight away, she never did it again, thank god..

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    I've propably have already said this on another threads, but when I was around 4 or 5, they used diaper punishment on almost daily basis at my daycare. Reason could have been bedwetting, a tantrum or misbehaving etc.

    It was quite effective since kids were afraid of being put in diapers (not saying it was the right thing to do).

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    Default Diaper Punishment

    It's wasn't particularly meant as a 'punishment' per se. But I was put into some sort of the old plastic backed Luvs on one occasion at daycare after myself and the two oldest kids got dripping wet after jumping on a trampoline in the backyard that we had sprayed down with a garden hose.

    (Yes, back in those days a five year old was allowed to jump on a intentionally slippery trampoline unsupervised except for two other kids aged 7 & 8)

    The daycare lady wasn't upset that we had been faceplanting into the ground after falling five feet up, but instead was mad that we had gotten our only pair of clothes all wet.

    I don't recall what happened to Chase and Tyler, the two 'big kids' I hung out with (at the daycare of less than 6 total kids) but I was put in a Luvs for the remainder of the day. Ironically, I remember absolutely hating it at the time.
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    The issue with is that its a punishment more on the caregiver then anyone. So it's just them at a lack of idea for a actual proper punishment, not that one should be given for bed wetting really.

    Okay, so you've put your child/charge back into diapers now what? You got to check them, change them, make sure they are kept on, etc. Congrats?

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