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Thread: Need help finding diapers in America

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    Default Need help finding diapers in America

    Maybe it's just because I live in a small city, but I can't seem to find anything in the way of adult diapers. I hear from DLs in Europe all the time about how they can buy Tena, Attends, Molicare, etc in almost any store! Why aren't those diapers available in American stores?

    Literally the only diapers I've been able to find are Depend Fitted Briefs - and as we all know, those are mediocre at best for a starter diaper, but overall they're the bottom of the barrel. Yet, alas, that's the best I can come up with.

    I'm looking in stores like Walmart, K-Mart, Kroger, and Rite-Aid. I don't like ordering online, because don't like waiting or paying shipping (and I actually think the person-to-person interaction of buying diapers is part of the thrill >w>). What are the best diapers anyone has found in American stores?

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    Molicare Super Plus are the best I've found in a store. I have heard that store now carries Abenas as well but I haven't gotten back to check. Buying in person used to be a thrill and/or anxiety attack but it's kind of old hat these days (buying multiple bags at once did kind of tweak me recently, which was a nice change of pace). I mostly buy online at this point but I check out thrift stores when I have the time and I've gone to local pharmacies when I'm traveling to see what's available. I heard after I left Las Vegas that they had ATNs at...Rite Aid? I'll check again if I go back.

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    Hmmm... interesting! What's the name of the store you found the Molicares in? I'd love to try those...

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    Well I live most of the time in Europe but I cannot get any adult diapers at regular stores where I am at. Only way to get them here is via the pharmacy or order on-line. So you're actually better of than we are in the Netherlands.

    In the US you can get all the Tena, Attends and Molicare you want at XP Medical I ordered from them when I am in Chicago. Decent prices and super fast delivery.

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    You'd do better trying Amazon or elsewhere online. Almost no stores carry remotely good diapers here.

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    Im in the north east USA I love the depends 3 tab plastic tab they are green bag with orange your depends pull up are green and purple I buy every week at rite aid and walmart!!! or i order them in bulk at My molicares i buy from ebay in bulk but you can buy just about any diaper cheap on ebay or even 2 pack samples there!! Im from a small town of 2000 people lol!!!!! I also buy goodnights or pullups 125 lbs+ at walmart and easily remove cloth wrap for the plastic feel good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by JadeDL View Post
    Hmmm... interesting! What's the name of the store you found the Molicares in? I'd love to try those...
    It's Olympic Pharmacy - Healthcare Services | Because We Care... Since 1961. They only have the one location, so if you're in the neighborhood, you're all set.

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    If you don't mind confronting sales people, I would check out a medical supply store. Here where I live we have LynnCare that sells better diapers and plastic pants. I order on line however.

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