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    Right now, the world can be a very difficult place to be ABDL. The secrecy, the shame (until you make the glorious discovery that you're not along and you're OK!), and the constant risk of being found out and misinterpreted by others are all scary things. Most of us who've been familiar with this side of ourselves have learned to live with the challenges. At the same time, I think we've all taken a second to dream about things being better.

    I've noticed, though, that there's a lot of division about what an ideal world would look like for us. A lot of ABDLs believe that the ideal world would be fully accommodating of us to the point where we can walk down the street in diapers, and be treated like babies by the world at large. A lot of others see a different scenario, in which we still keep our ABDL to ourselves, but we're still accepted and embraced by others, and if we're found out it wouldn't cause a stir or make anyone upset.

    It's a sunny day today, and I'm thinking about how nice it would be to go outside in my LG persona and pick flowers. At the same time, though, I find myself thinking that I don't really want the world knowing about this side of myself. Not just because of the repercussions, but even if there were no consequences, I don't think I'd want everyone knowing. I like having an adult persona to present to the world, and I like being thought of as an adult by the world at large. Being little is an aspect of who I am, but it's not my whole identity.

    What about you? What does an ideal world look like to you? In a perfectly accepting world, would you want to be out to everyone and show the world your AB side? Or would you still want to keep it private?

    Whatever your answer, it's still fun to dream about a world that accepts us - and all different people - perfectly! Someday, somehow...

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    Well, I would certainly not mind it if I was able to walk around outside in a diaper and t-shirt, I sometimes wish I could show off my cute diapers. However, I think that an ideal situation would be just people being aware that we exist and there is nothing wrong with us. I think that is important because it really sucks growing up and thinking you are alone. I think one more thing that would be ideal, and not too much to ask for, is that companies who already make baby products could make them for adults too, without having to worry about scrutiny from others possibly being upset about the idea. I think it would be really nice if adult babies had more options in diapers, bottles, pacifiers, clothing, toys, and nursery furniture. There are so many cute items out there. But none of them in adult size, it makes me sad to be so big when I can't use any of that cute stuff.

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    I think there might be an ideal that could never exist. Like, say if there were a quiet, secluded little forest where you could go out and know, for certain, that nobody would see you there except people you brought along with you. I think that sort of space might be something people wish they could have well beyond ABDL, as the desire you mention to have privacy sometimes is, imo, common to almost everyone. It just varies in degree and frequency.

    Personally, I don't think I'd want a world where anyone could go out in just diapers. I find that weird, and I find lots of other things that people around the world do weird. I like living in a world where there's a certain amount of overall politeness and decorum in terms of how everyone presents themselves to the public. It just makes things overall a little bit nicer, even if each individual has to hold back a little bit.

    What I would like, as you mention, is the idea of acceptance. In the same way that the LGBT movement today is going from something that has to be kept secret to something that a person can be open about, I think it would be great if ABDL and other fetish-type behaviors became something that wasn't taboo. It would be nice too if it got well-enough known that stores would carry ABDL diapers and other products so I could just walk a block and buy some (instead of now where I've been waiting a week for my Bambino shipment and I reeeeally want them cuz I'm totally out of diapers). I'd also like to be able to casually tell friends or excuse myself for a diaper change, or just use the word in conversation even without it being something to constantly worry about.

    But, you know what? The world as is isn't that bad. I get to wear diapers on my free time, and talk to people here about it. And I still get to do all the other stuff I like in my life, and see family and friends and all that good stuff. It's really not half bad as it is, even if it isn't perfect.

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    I agree with tyger. I wish we could just be accepted for who we are and if we wanted to go out in little clothes and diapers every now and then we wouldn't be looked at any different then anyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommyslittlewyatt View Post
    I agree with tyger. I wish we could just be accepted for who we are and if we wanted to go out in little clothes and diapers every now and then we wouldn't be looked at any different then anyone else.
    Well, I'd say maybe looked at the same as someone who goes out in short shorts. But if we got that far, it'd be pretty cool.

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    I would very much not want to show my DL-side to the world. I just don't want to put anyone through it. It's private to me.
    What would children think? What would their parents think to have to explain it to their kids?
    Besides, I am having a great time as an adult and since we're talking about an 'ideal world,' how about world peace?
    Sure, we can dream of our idea of an Ideal World and that world would be fine indeed!
    Let's face the fact that we want to walk around with haz-mat in our pants......
    No one but ABDL's would agree with it being normal.
    I am now going around diapered, and I really get a thrill from doing it!
    But my diaper never shows. Hiding my diaper is part of the adventure for me.
    But, it sure would be cool if we could do it! Dreams are fun....

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    I feel the same as Tyger and ArchieRoni. It would be nice to not have a shock value associated with being AB/DL. It took the LGBT world hundreds of years to find their present level of acceptance. Even that has a long way to go just as people of color found this past several weeks with some of the media statements.

    Society has a history of resisting people who are different from the majority. It's a human trait, and so education and information is the best means for creating acceptance. I don't especially have a need to reveal myself publicly, but I have gone biking in a diaper, and sometimes it's nice to be a little freer.

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    Like stated before, it would be nice to not worry about getting kicked out of your house as a kid or young adult, kicked out of your apartment (some states, landlords can refuse to offer lease renewals unless discriminates against race, ethnic, religion, possibly sexual orientation, family status), lose your job, or lose respect of your friends if you get discovered through no fault of your own.

    I don't condone going to Walmart in baby clothes or diaper showing, and do not feel it's necessary for us to even go outside our residences in a diaper at all (unless IC), though I've done it myself a time or two. But I wish we could at least tell people we exist now leave us alone and we will keep it at home.

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