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Thread: The old Sav-On brand Overnight Fitted Briefs

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    Default The old Sav-On brand Overnight Fitted Briefs

    I really liked the old Sav-On brand Overnight Fitted Briefs, but there is no more Sav-on fitted briefs/overnight briefs. I have been wondering if the Equaline Overnight Fitted Briefs are the same as the old Sav-on ones. Does anyone know?

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    R1 - what can you tell us aboutthe SavOn briefs? I've seen them before, but don't know what their like. Are they plastic? What color? Thx


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    They are plastic, and white and they work pretty well for a store brand, I used to prefer them over Depend.

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    when I tried the Equaline brief, which I think was in 2006, or 2007, they were similar to Assurance briefs but not exactly the same. The padding isn't figure 8 shaped, just a straight pad shaped like a rectangular. There is a back and front waistband, and 3 white tapes. The outer plastic is white and VERY crinkly and stiff, way more then depends.

    I never tried the SavOn brand, but I'm guessing they're similar. Feel free to ask any questions.

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