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Thread: Tena Slip: what we know, what we dont know

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    Default Tena Slip: what we know, what we dont know

    alright listen up!

    Tena Slip Maxi (and plus and super, i think) are going cloth-backed within the next few weeks. I don't think theres anything we can do about that, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried the cloth ones or can help answer the following comparison questions.

    Does it look the same?

    Is the price the same?

    Is the design the same ie standing leak guards and stuff?

    is the fit the same?



    lets just try and get as much info as we can down here.


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    Look: Not 1:1 - the writing/labeling has changed a bit - colour scheme though is the same... pattern is a bit different if I remember correctly.

    Price: yes... well pricing is not "unified" across the market anyhow - a pack of tena Slip Maxi Medium can ranger anywhere from roughly 25-85 US$ depending on where you buy... for example the local pharmacies here will sell them at close to 80$(!!) - the small medical supply store in my town sells them for 34$ ... and online you can find them for as low as approx. 25$

    Design: aside from the outer cover no longer being plastic (FINALLY!) and that damn landing-strip gone that was so annoyingly crinkly - the technical design otherwise including leak guards etc. is the same

    Fit: yes, stays the same.

    Absorbency: personally I see no change here -but I rarely max out a diaper, so I'm not able to give you a 100% feedback on this

    Personally as stated elsewhere, I can barely wait until they're available locally (I usually buy my diapers in bulk quantities from a small local suppliers... better prices)... so far my local supplier still has the plastic backed ones - I'd wish that would change soon.
    For the time being I have ordered some online.

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    I would like to add that the fit is the same when first put on but in my experience after an hour or two they start to become loose to the point where sagging is a real problem.

    The tightness on the original was pretty much the same as when first put on and if necessary you could readjust the tapes. The new ones are supposed to be refastenable but I have not used a single one yet where the Velcro tabs don't pull off a large part of the back sheet when being opened.

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    I got sent a pack when I ordered.I was expecting the old plastic backed ones, but got those instead.I was kind of disappointed but curious to see how they performed.I got some Tena Slip Plus which have 30 in a pack of medium size.

    Without going into too much detail I will give you the basics with comparison to the old ones.

    1.Absorbancy seems about the same.

    2.Odor control not as good in my opinion.

    3.Very comfortable when fitted but become lose around the hips after a while, especially after a wetting.Underwear over the top stops this.

    4.The tapes are good, they didn't bust on me once, even after a couple of readjustments.

    5.They do make less noise under clothes.

    6.Didn't seem more prone to leaking then the old design.

    I may buy them again one day as their cheaper than some and you get alot in a pack and just use them as a back up nappy, but apart from that I think I will stick with my Attends.

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    Very good article CrypticTaco, seems it's only me that has problems with the tabs pulling holes in the back sheet.

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    Personally I am choked, they were my favourite adult diaper on the market and we just finally got them in Canada and now I am losing them again.

    I don't want any cloth backed garbage, why not make a cloth variant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EuroTrash View Post
    Personally I am choked, they were my favourite adult diaper on the market and we just finally got them in Canada and now I am losing them again.

    I don't want any cloth backed garbage, why not make a cloth variant?
    There are plenty other plastic backed diapers.

    I guess most people who wear them for need will appreciate the new tena - I do.

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    Great review which tells all we need to know. The new Tena Maxi clumps when wet and so seems to have a new inferior padding. No landing strips which were perfect for me to locate a good fit every time. The Velcro tabs tear and are not as secure. The cloth face ' sweats' dampness through your underwear when full. Every time a manufacturer downgrades their product for extra profit they blame some obscure EU piece of legislation.
    It sounds to me that these diapers, that are sold for those of us who are incontinent and have an active life style, are no longer fit for purpose under the UK Sale of Goods Act and are only suitable for the bedridden.
    Does anyone know of a good discrete capacious plastic backed diaper available in the UK. Have tried Cuddles but quality not great.
    Went walking the Cornish coast path yesterday. Four hours of total confidence in the diaper for discrete protection. I also have to admit that nighttime relaxation with the secure feel of plastic provides an uninterrupted sleep. I would hate to be denied this.


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    It is very sad Tena stopped making the plastic Maxi.

    The good news is if you are in Canada B4NS still has some plastic Maxis in stock and I ordered 5 cases while they still have them. Good luck to all.

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