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    were many of you bed wetter's as children and continued into adulthood. I don't ever remember wetting either my pants of my bed as a child. I had 2 friends who had brothers who wet their beds most knights and I was very envious. neither boys wore any protection but both had plastic sheets over the mattress.

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    I quit at age four. After that I just wet for pleasure. Nothing like doing it on purpose and not getting caught.

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    I wasn't much of a bedwetter, maybe once or twice after I was fully toilet-trained. But both my sisters wet their beds once in a while, well into their teens. Guess the physiology of girls is a little different from guys, periods and stuff.

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    I have wet the bed all of my 69 years, I was in a childrens home and had to sleep in a special room for bed wetters, we were all parcelled up in a pair of rubber pants and two nappies, I lived there from the age of 4 years old to 10 years old, I had a very soreness between my legs, from urine burns, even though I washed down there every morning, on boy would pull down his pants and wee on the bed, then pull up his pants again, one night a nun, came in and caught mid wee, he got six of the best (Caned), I am now incontinent 24/7 so I have been in rubber/plastic pants and terry nappies/nappy pads all my life, not bad going, just recently they started to supply me with High Sided Rubber pants again after a gap of twenty years, and they felt so good against my naked skin so soft, it was impossible not to take myself in hand wearing them, its the rich aroma that they give off, took me back to my childhood.

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    I was a bed wetter until 19, then started having issues again in my mid 30's. Never wore protection as a child, just a plastic sheet. Now I rarely go to bed without a diaper on.

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    Yes, I regularly wet the bed into my ninth year somewhat enjoying the whole thing. Missing the “excitement”, during my teens I began to secretly wet the bed when home alone. Few years later I regressed back to sleep wetting and am still doing it decades later.

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    Some of my early memories are of the rubber/plastic sheet protecting the mattress. Although I cannot be sure, I am fairly sure that I was late training which appears to be normal in my family (Niece now dry at night having turned 5).

    I've been dry at night ever since (apart from two episodes while being bullied at work some years back).

    Diapers are fun. They do awaken something younger in me...


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    I was trained and not wetting by the time I was three. Then in fifth grade I started wetting the bed. When my parents threatened to put me in diapers overnight if I didn't stop I was mortified (Dreams and thoughts are one thing, the reality of possibly being put in diapers again was something else.) Eventuallly ended up going the hospital when they realised I looked like a zombie and was diagnosed with diabetes. Still occasionally wet if I have ketones overnight.

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    I was out of diapers at night by age three. Since then there's only been one single time I wet the bed, which was around the age of 14 when I was starting to explore the sexual side of being interested in diapers. Was out at a party really late, like way past when I normally went to bed at age 14, and we came back and I showered and just kind of collapsed. To this day I'm not sure if I woke up and chose to wet the bed for excitement or if I was dreaming and wet in my sleep, but either way, I woke up totally soaked and had a nice freakout session with my parents for the day. Diapers were never discussed, and it never happened again.

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    I wet the bed often throughout early childhood, and then started wetting my pants around 8 and hididing the fact that I did on purpose. wet the bed a few times month for the last 50 years

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